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12 Of Us We All Go By One Name – What Does It Mean?

Me and my husband and friend started a paranormal team and we have always been into this stuff, but last night we asked a question about “how many are here tonight with us?” and a voice came over the recorder saying “12 of us, we all go by one name” can someone please tell me what this means or something?

Asked by Christy

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Hi Christy

The first thing that popped into my head was 12 angels, all coming in the Name of God.

But equally, they might all have shared the same Surname whilst they were alive. Did you ask for that name?

Did you ask them if they represented God’s light? And if so, did they answer fully – ie “Yes, we represent God’s light.” not just a “yes”.

Hi Christy,

You were doing EVPs? Is the location a very popular one or a place of true misery.

What AJ didn’t mention is that demons often come in groups, and might answer that way.

I like what she uses to check who the beings are, but prefer “Do you come in the name of Jesus Christ?” Even if you are not Christian you can use that. They have to answer specifically ‘yes I come in the name of Jesus Christ” .. and not in any other way. In this case it is not good for one being to speak for all of them.

The other thing is, if it is ghosts, they need to be sent into a healing place, rather than hanging around, trapped by whatever keeps them there. I know houses ‘haunted’ by spirits, not ghosts, where you can have just as much fun, without being harmed.

Love & Peace

thank you both, and i was actually thinking the same thing that both of you have stated. i didnt ask if it came in God’s name, and i didnt ask what that name was.. i think i will tonight. and as for the spirits, there is rumors about the land the house is on. and i would find it terrible if it was true.. but thank you both and ill keep everything posted..

This reminds me of the Gospel where Jesus confronts the Demons in the man who lived at the Gesemenes Tombs. Jesus asked what thier name was and they answered “Legion for we are many”. It’s possible that there are demons there. A place or a person can have multiple demons.

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