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What Would Be Most Effective In Removing Spirits In The Home?

My daughter has purchased a home that is about 101 years old, since she moved in about 8 months ago my niece has been overheard in her room talking to someone, my daughter has witnessed my niece waving to someone we can’t see, saying goodbye to the “lady”, my daughter feels like someone is watching her while she is in her bathroom, one of her renters in another part of the house will feel the same and will have things fall after feeling like someone is watching her.

The spirit doesn’t seem to be evil, or doesn’t seem to hurt my niece or anyone else in the home, but it can be a little unnerving when my niece is talking to someone we can’t see and asked if we see the “lady”. She is two and a half, so I don’t think that she has the capacity to make up stories or tell something that she isn’t actually experiencing, we can’t be sure if this is a male or female spirit, she is still young enough to not be able to tell us what this spirit looks like or if its a man or woman.

My daughter is looking to a sage cleansing but isn’t sure if she should speak a meditation or a prayer throughout the home, can you give us an idea or let us know what would be most effective in removing whatever is in the home.

Thank You

Asked by Julie

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Hi Julie,

Smudging changes negative energy into positive energy, it doesn’t actually remove ghosts. The ghost goes outside for a while, or wanders away to a new place, and might return when the negativity returns .. and we all produce negative energy when we are having a difficult day, that’s normal.

I am glad the ‘lady’ is not frightening your granddaughter, but it is likely she’s a ghost, a lost soul, who should really be in a healing place. There’s a simple way of doing this. You can ask the angels to help, regardless of whether you believe in them or not.

“Archangel Michael, please Find the ‘lady’ my daughter (or granddaughter) has been talking to and Take her into healing”.

The ‘find’ command allows the lady’s guardian angel to tap her on the shoulder and say “Julie (or your daughter) says I can talk to you”. The ‘take’ command then allows the angel to gently put his/her hand on the ghost’s shoulder, and leave it there while they talk, until the lady is ready to cross into heaven. It’s a lovely gentle way to set someone free.

Smudging with white sage can be very healthy for clearing the energy, personally I prefer lavender incense if I choose to clear energy that way. The ‘intention’ to clear the energy has the most effect, in my opinion, so smudge with anything you believe will work.

Kind regards,

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