Sudden Increase In Shadow Movement Related To Traveling?

Hello all! So over the last few weeks, there seems to be a sudden increase in those pesky “Shadow People” passing by the corner of my eyes. It’s happened at home, at the grocery store, at work, and in the casino restroom I saw one pass right in front of my stall door but no one there when I opened it a second later.

I don’t feel fearful when I see one at all, just sort of a, “Huh oh hey what’s up?” type feeling. I’m wondering if this has anything to do with my upcoming trip around the world… I’m leaving in less than 3 weeks, will be gone for a year, and obviously, the stress level has been high. I know for sure my orb started showing up in pictures more recently, but it always does that when I’m in a time of stress or emotional happenings so that doesn’t surprise me. I’m really not sure about these shadow things though, and it concerns me because I always hear that shadow people are malevolent and scary (I know, I had a particularly angry one in my last house) but I don’t feel that way at all towards these.

Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas as to what it could be? Or possibly I need to go in for an eye exam? Thanks.

Asked by Kat

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Hi Kat,

I have read far more information saying shadow people might be curious but they are very seldom dangerous. My belief is that demons pretend to be shadow people and are the dangerous ones. Unless they are actually doing something to you, rather than just roaming about .. I catch sight of things out of my peripheral vision too. If its a ghost I cross it over. My husband tells me shadow people are often in our house. I can’t see them. I see everything else, I’m happy there’s something I don’t see. LOL

As to them appearing more when you are more emotional, it might be that its your gifts that are enhanced with the extra emotion, rather than there being more shadow people around you. You become more ‘aware’ as a way of protecting yourself.

The angry shadow might simply have been an angry ghost. They can also appear as shadows, if they choose to.

At the bottom of this webpage is the link to the Michael Invocation that will clear all sorts of negativity from your home. It might not clear the shadow people, but think of it as spring cleaning your energy, and yourself, and you might see less of them.

Love & Peace

Check with a specialist and make sure its not “eye migranes”…they are not painful like headsaches..but they last about 6 minutes and can do weird things to vision

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