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10 Year Old Child Still Sees Eyes Outside

For about 4 years now my child (now 10) has seen eyes watching her. One time they were in the house and I was told that she sees animal spirits.

She has been talking about it more openly now that I have been positive. However she said she kept quiet because “nobody else ever saw them”. She says sometime they are red eyes and sometime green or blue. The one near our house now is white with lots of fur and has sometime red and sometime green eyes.

She will not go outside alone in the evening or anyplace at night where there are no lights. I’ve got to help her somehow. Its gone on too long. She is so scared.

Asked by Karen

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Hello Karen,

Oh to be that kid of four and have my mother say ‘yes its real’! Hmm.. would I be the person I am today if I had not had to fight my family’s choice to pretend none of it existed? Probably not. LOL

Thank you for supporting your daughter!

Yes, she might be seeing animal spirits. She might also be seeing elemental beings .. we know them as fairies (sylphs – air elementals), gnomes (earth), undines (water) and salamadars (fire). Has your daughter ever sat near a campfire and watched the little characters leap out of the flames? I still love doing that, and I am 50 now! Sometimes they look like miniture dragons!

That being said .. to keep the stuff out of the house

At the bottom of this page is a link to ‘white light shields’ .. read the page, learn the house shield, use it to keep spooky stuff outdoors. You might like to teach your daughter the personal energy shield, to make her feel safer. As she is a 10 year old, you can wrap it around her, but once she’s 13 she should have learned how to do so herself. It keeps negative energy away from hers, and might help her feel more comfortable outside at night.

Elementals aren’t harmful, and they are more ‘obvious’ now than they used to be. They are as curious about us as we are about them, and nosey, and like to steal .. umm.. borrow … things. If you find things going missing in the house, ask for it back clearly and politely .. whatever it is will probably turn up within three days, usually somewhere interesting, like finding keys in the freezer, or a teapot in the middle of your bed. They do have an odd sense of humour. 🙂

And if I can help with any explanations, your daughter can ask whatever questions she wants, either on this site, or to me privately. I’m listed on this page under ‘Friends’.

Your daughter is clairvoyant, which means she can ‘see’ what others don’t. It can be fun, and sometimes very strange, but it is a gift. She might have others too.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

She is right. That existence may be some demons (if we don’t think she just is imagining). Demons have various shapes but logically the red eye is a bit unusual. I mean, it may be worse than other demons that she has seen. Be careful about her and protect her often, particularly at night. I am sensitive about children and am pity on them. The evil demons scare of Allah’s name and wherever this name is mentioned they escape from there fearful, because this is the greatest name of God and such demons scare of him. The complete verse is thus :

” In the name of Allah, the merciful, the most merciful”

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