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Still Unnerved

About nine years ago I was asleep in bed around 3:30 am. I was awoke by a loud sound of a flapping sound. I opened my eyes it was dimly lit and saw 4 black birds flapping their wings about 18 inches from my face that lasted maybe 1 to 2 seconds. They flew off into nothing. They just disappeared.

I got up then and turned on the light at about that time I heard the radio alarm clock it was off but a voice came through it and said Lincoln get out of the house its not safe I did not recognize the voice. Needless to say that day I left the house never to return again.

Let me add the house was a rooming house. I drove by it last week, the house has burnt down now.

Asked by Lincoln Spinks

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Hello Lincoln,

The black birds could have been crows, which are said to be an omen of ill-luck .. but they are also said to be a sign of wealth (4 of them), depending on which webpages, or books, you check up human beliefs on.

The voice .. relative, friend who had passed over, angel or guide .. added in with the birds, could be considered a clear message to stay away from the house. I hope, in it burning down, that whatever negative energy was trapped there disapated into the wind.

Interesting experience!
Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

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