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Questions About Sleep Paralysis And Vibrating Sensations

I’ve been a sufferer of sleep paralysis off and on for a number of years. I’ve never experienced visual hallucinations, nor heard voice. Sometimes, however, I feel a strong vibrating sensation and can hear a low frequency, pulsating sound. In December I had a particularly strong episode. It actually frightened me. The vibrating sensation was actually painful to me. When it finally subsided, I got out of bed and watched TV the next until morning.

Since then, some things have happened that have made me question myself, more than once. I began on occasion noticing what looks similar to the effect of gas fumes around certain peoples’ bodies, not including my own. Certain electrical devices radiate the same effect.

My questions are, whether or not I’m mental, could this be paranormal? It’s not my eyesight, I have excellent vision. Also, if this is possibly paranormal, who should I try to contact to learn more?

Asked by Travis

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Hello Travis,

No, you are not mental, crazy or nuts. 🙂

The vibration thing .. I had it for years. I would shudder so hard, often just ‘inside’ my skin, that in the end I learned just to relax into it, because there was nothing else I could do. It only happens occasionally now.

The shuddering, do you feel it most clearly as you are just waking up, because it could be your spirit returning to your body, vibrating at a higher frequency (speed) than your body can manage, and until that slows down its really uncomfortable. The low frequency pulsing noise .. could it have been your heart beat?

The gas-fumes around people .. that’s their aura (you can look that up on the internet, and about chakras). I used to see it as an oil slick (like it appears on water). The electrical devices .. are they working at the time? Electricity is just energy, and everything radiates energy, even rocks.

As to where to learn things. This webpage is a great place for asking questions. Wikipedia. The internet as a whole, if you do searches? Your local bookstore, because there are heaps of books on interesting metaphysical subjects these days. Your local spiritualist church might have courses. Your local new age store?

Have fun with it,
Love & Peace
Ama Nazra
(there’s link to my webpages, which have bits and pieces of information at this bottom of this page).

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