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Does The Percentage Of Positive Outweigh The Negative In The World?

I’ve been trying to catch up on the post… I have some serious issues going on at the moment… but, I’m trusting God to move with faith and prayers of many others.. I’ve been 100% positive.. and my question is… in this world we are living.. do you think the percentage of positive out weighs the negative?

If you turn on the news.. they all give place to the negative… about 85%.. if you go down the road it seems you always run into someone who is struggling and trying to make it…

My question is… The world as we know it.. in my opinion is pretty good… despite all the negativity, but what happens when peeps get worn down with life and the energy changes around us? If the percentage shifts… then what?

Faith, I believe is what keeps us going… we wake up every morning God Willing.. and we go out and do what we do.. be it work, jog, or just sip coffee.. a simply lovely town is no longer safe from negative takers..

Asked by Lisa

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Dear Lisa,

“If you turn on the news.. they all give place to the negative… about 85%..” i dont know about the other issues u talked about but about this, a lecturer once taught us that suppose the news gave regular reports it wouldn’t be a news, people would get bored! so they obviously focus on bad stuffs and people go “ohhhh, poor this/poor that”, its their job and it keeps people glued to T.V. hehe.
Anyways, yes i believe faith gives and heals us & makes us positive πŸ™‚

I’m with Shreesa on this one. The media always seem to focus on the negative, the painful, the dangerous, the nasty, on invasive information, the outrageous, and downright disasters .. with just a touch of the positive so that we can’t always complaint that’s what they are doing. We have to remember that the media is ‘big business’ and has to make its profits, so many of them don’t care what is written (or badly edited) as long as it sells papers or air-space (television and radio).

The world economy is .. very slack, but times like this have come and gone before. A financial depression makes people, who can, rely more on their own resources. After a ‘boom’ where everything seems easy, for some people, we have to have the reverse. Think of the energy of the world like a pendulum .. it swings first into the Light, and then back into the darkness, into the easy, and back into the difficult. The people who rely totally on money to survive fall down harder, since it ‘appears’ the majority of the people in this world have ‘manon’ (money) as a God, instead of one based on Love etc, so of course they suffer, and so do we, when ‘money’ starts to get tight, or invisible.

It both horrifies and amazes me when I watch the money report on the news each night. It seems some countries solve their money problems by ‘printing’ more money, rather than tightened their belts. I must admit I don’t understand how any of it works, but I think making more of something that should be manage better simply leads to more management problems?

Is the world in darkness no .. is humanity .. that begins in our hearts. It’s up to us to bring Light into the world, but we have to start by bringing it into ourselves first. So my answer .. long as it is .. is that yes, the world is more in darkness right now, and no 21stDecember2012 event is going to bring us back into Light, until we learn to change our priorities. No amount of aligning planets can change a human heart, only we can. And it amazes me how many people saw that date as the changing point .. when we are still falling into the darkness. The pendulum has not started its swing back yet, and I doubt it will do so for many years to come. We still have so much to learn.

And faith, it keeps you and I going Lisa, but what about all the other folk .. what keeps them going, when they have no faith?

Love & Peace

I agree with the above. Bad news makes ratings for the news services. Theres plenty of good out there, you just dont hear about the good much, like Shreesa says, its boring. People are fascinated by wars, murders, violent crimes and the media plays on that.

I agree with all of you that there is a lot of negativity in the world right now. What keeps me going (other than hope) is how much happiness I see in other people when I do something as simple as smiling at them and saying good morning or have a nice day, etc. It just seems like their faces light up if only for just a moment. It’s sad how most people walk around with such sour looks on their face. The way I look at it, if I have something to eat, a clean, warm bed to sleep in and my family is safe, I’ve had a GREAT day! All the other things people buy (myself included) is just “stuff”. Sure it’s enjoyable but my world won’t collapse if I don’t have it. I did do something interesting this weekend (Mother’s Day weekend)…my family recently moved back in with my father for several reasons, and I got my old bicycle out and rode it around the neighborhood. I’m 49 years old and I bet I haven’t ridden that bike since I was 13 or 14. I couldn’t believe the tires were still good. It was an awesome feeling! πŸ™‚

Hello and thank you for your opinions.. I enjoy each one,, I have to build white shields around me because of my empathy, and much thanks to you Ms. Ama for that..As for faith… we are all given that measure of faith I do believe..and how we use choose to use it is up to us…

I also agree that the world seems to have taken more of a negative turn in the recent years. But with knowledge of just about everything, ( and I mean everything)at our fingertips now, its almost impossible to avoid.Techno-logic is everywhere so whats a positive person to do?:) Before, when a minor thing such as a 3 car pile up with minor injuries happens, lets say, in Louisiana, all you have to do is click on any internet resource and ‘ta-da!’ there it is. Before, lets go back a few hundred years, you wanted to share some important information with just your family it could take a couple weeks or more for it to reach them.
Now,with a click of a button, well you know. Plus,there are so many more people living in the world today there of course will be more incidents to hear about. Its unavoidable. And lets not forget this is a major time for spiritual evolution. Our spirits are vibrating faster as our bodies try to adjust. A lot of people are unaware of this so some are acting out,(more crimes, anger, confusion) and some are just zipping around like their going to a fire.
I too live in a beautiful small town. Driving through it you almost feel taken back 70 or more years. But there is still a lot of unnecesary crime and negativity.
How I handle it is simple. I call it ” rolling with it”. If I feel negative emotions from certain individuals I just wish them a good day and move on. I move toward the positive, put the white light around me and pray for others to feel better. I still believe there are more good than bad out there. The odds are on our side..:) Have an awesome Day!

Hi Shreesa,
So glad you asked. Maybe I should explain something about myself. To start with I am a writer. I do it all day long and absolutely love it! I also have premonitions and receive messages from ” the other side.” This has been going on my whole life,(give or take a couple years):)
About ten years ago I started receiving messages. Now, this happens a lot in my life but this seemed more urgent. Let me just say I was what some called a ” reluctant psychic” at the time. I was tired of receiving what seemed endless messages from the other side. I also see spirits ( some time more than others) and I just wanted to be left alone. lol
But this message was persistent! I would wake up night after night with the message that things were changing. I realize that we are always in a state of change. But this was a spiritual change. Also I need to state that of course I am not the only person receiving this message. I was told thousands of other people were getting this message. Of course some listen, some don’t. They just wanted it to get “out there” to others. First let me say that they told me that by 2010 to 2020 the “media” ( TV, ect.) would get on ‘board'(my words,sorry) and lift the veil ( their words) of secrecy and start showing more and more programs about everything ‘paranormal’. Documentaries about ghosts, psychics, near-death experiences would more and more become the ‘norm.’ If you keep up with this you probably noticed this happening right now. Well, its going to be happening even more. An as we all know the media does have power in influencing what people accept. Well I quess the spiritual world knows that too.:)
They also let me know,( and this seemed VERY important to them) that over the next twenty years our spirits, while in our bodies, are for a better word going to “vibrate faster.” In other words your spirit will have more energy while in the body. ( Sorry if this sounds too clinical but this is how I received the information.)
As we all know our bodies are just temparary, housing our spirits while on this beautiful Earth. Since most of us have a temparary “veil” put over our memories when we are born we forgot about this ‘change’ that is taking place right now. Thats why for those of us who are open to the spiritual world started to receive these messages.
To remind others that it is taking place.
Why I originally said that I am a writer, Shreesa, is that when I write a lot of times ” Spirit ” will come through and in a way, take over. Not to sound rude about them but lets just say they put in their ” 2 cents” lol The “spiritual evolution ” phrase was their expression. To be honest sometimes after I write I have to do research on what was said because of their ” interference ” lol
But it is just another way of explaining everything I’ve mentioned up till now.
To make a long story not even longer:) the reason we are “vibrating energy faster” than we used to is so we CAN make the major advances and leaps that we are headed for in the near future. Just look at the last hundred years in comparison to the hundreds of years before. I don’t need to say much about that since its so obvious. But our minds are quicker now, many of us come up with new ideas every day. Its almost hard to keep up sometimes. But that goes hand in hand with our spiritual energy. Its a packaged deal.
Many physical advances- many spiritual advances. I hope this makes sense to anyone reading this. They of course want me to explain better but I think I’ve prattled on enough. Have a great day Shreesa!

hello Cindy,
I really enjoyed reading ur reply, thank you so much for such a comprehensive explanation. I LOVE this site hehehe
have a wonderful day πŸ™‚

hello Cindy,
I really enjoyed reading ur reply, thank you so much for such a comprehensive explanation. I LOVE this site hehehe
have a wonderful day πŸ™‚

Hello πŸ™‚

A dear friend of mine.. whom I admire very much.. posted a video of a very thought invoking piece.. she may share it with you if she feels inclined to.. But, it was showing what is in the hearts of those we may run into .. this was set in a hospital.. so the idea setting was easier to pin point on a persons mind.. so you would think.. the empathy that this film brings out is one that brings me to this:… And, no disrespect.. but made me think.. back to the percentage of good and bad.. I saw and related to all the empathy I felt.. how happy I was for the good news and where Karma was falling head long in some of the lives…

Does the good in life always out number the bad times.. or are we so caught up in the good news that the bad is never remembered?

Does faith have a truly walk with each of us given in measure.. or is a dice thrown into the ever living walk of life.. ? I for one still claim and hold on to faith given by God .. that is just me.. but if you put it up against the answers and unanswered in life.. do you still accept it as the final answer being no.. if unanswered?

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