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Time Travel Or Slips?

I’ve never spoke of this to anyone out of fear of being teased or called a liar. But a few years ago while visiting family over seas, I was walking along a path not far from my late moms childhood home. At the end of the path is a small lake my mom and her siblings use to swim and fish in.

As I got close to the water, I noticed a young girl sitting on a blanket reading a book and just relaxing in the sun. When she saw me, she smiled and waved and asked how I was doing. She looked to be about 13 or 14 years old and was dressed in a pale blue dress. Her bright red hair was brushed backed into a pony-tail and I didn’t see any shoes.

I went over to her and we talked a bit. She seemed pleasant and was very sweet. I must of seemed rude to her because I kept staring at her, she seemed familiar. Like I should know her. But I just couldn’t put my finger on why I felt like I should know her. But after speaking briefly with her, I told her I had to go and maybe I would see her later.

Later that night,my aunt pulled out the family photo album and no sooner had she opened it, there was the picture of the girl I had seen by the lake! And it was my own mother! I had actually spoken to my mom and hadn’t realized it!

My question is, how does that even happen? The picture was taken in 1942. Did I time travel? and if I did, why?

Asked by mae

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Hello Mae,

I wonder if your mother remembers meeting someone on the edge of the lake one day, in her past. It’s probably not likely she remembers, but it is possible it happened.

What you experienced sounds like a time slip to me. Time is a circle, no beginning and no ending, and we are eternal beings, although we don’t really realise this in our very short ‘physical’ lifetimes.

How does it happen? We don’t really know, but there are theories – and you are not the first to experience this ‘door’ effect, stepping into the past and stepping out again, if that is what happened, or another explanation might be that your mother left a very strong impression of herself beside the lake, and that is what you touched on .. a memory of ‘what was’? Wikipedia has an interesting article on the subject.

Love & Peace

Treasure the moment. You got to see your mother in a very special way. 🙂

Love & Peace

If my mom had remembered,I think maybe she would’ve said so.But Im glad I did see her.I had always wondered what my mom’s life had being like when she was young,before WW2.But thanks,I plan on going back soon and I hope I can see her again. Thanks.

time travel is real im pretty sure XD you can even call people who have visions of the future and past ‘time travellers’ since information comes in from different ‘times’ even feelings so its almost as if you are there.
Im sure it could’ve been something like time traveling or someone left a message behind for you. 🙂 <3 seems lovely actually.

I remember when i was little at my ninas house i was feeling funky and i felt i could let go of time i felt i could control things. Something kept telling me i could and i let go of the branch i was hanging on and i felt someone pulling me down slowly XD all things stopped around me and the blue bird above me that flew down was in slow-mo…so i was like…time slowed down..what happened XD
and then i said, NO i dont want it, i slightly panicked, and i just FELL. i was like…what?!

it was strange but i liked it. XD i had proof cuz the bird moved really slowly and out of nowhwere when i fell down, it moved really fast again XD ive never seen a blue bird that flies down real fast and then suddenyl slows down in front of you with its wings in slowmo super slow and then SPEEDS up as soon as you say you panicked. XD

im sure that goes into time travelling a little 😛 slowing down time speeding it up and then even seeing past it and going to places 😛

its all connected and fun 😛

how it happens im unsure, but i see the future a lot and can go back and forth through just thinking or seeing something about a time and im THERE. its fine 😛 many people are like this and many people have experienced what you have, i heard of some people that had experiences similar to yours 😛

time is again like Ama said, like a circle. there is a lot of cause and effect but there really is no true linear time thing. It's really free XD

iono. its so broad that people have been able to time travel like you might've experienced 😛

and i also have experienced times where i feel i missed out a moment in my life XD it just SLIPPED like you said 😛 and i was back somehow and time sped up XD pretty funky stuff but its fun XD

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