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Why Does It Seem That Spirits Always Grab My Attention?

When I was growing up from early childhood I would see the entities (which I refer to them as spirits) I could feel them more than seeing them so to speak. While riding in a vehicle I would sometimes see the spirits at night, but the other times I would feel them. My mom could always see/feel the spirits as well.

One time my ex-step-dad and I were going home from a hockey game. It was just us in the car going down the road to our home, when I see what looked like a white man standing in the middle of the road stark naked looking up at the night sky our headlights shown upon him from our vehicle, he then turned looked at us shielded his face from the glow of the lights we went across the road from where he was standing not long after we did so. Not even seconds later I feel on the front of my left thigh what felt like scratches, then I felt burning. My ex-step-dad then looked into the rear view mirror then started going faster. I didn’t look back to see if he was there anymore.

Another time my mom’s friend got us to come to her house. She got me to walk around in her yard to “search for spirits” I did so. I kept going back to one spot where my sensitivity was the strongest. She told me that when it rained that the rocking chair in her living room would rock all by itself, and her coffee pot would start brewing without anyone in the kitchen. It seems like I could also feel their emotions, as well. I can feel whenever they are sad, and afraid.

I used to have a demon inside of me at one point and time and I willingly had an exorcism done on me to get it expelled from me. The preacher told me that I will have really strange dreams that night, and feel out of place for a couple of days; then, return to “normal.” The dream I had was when my ex-husband, and I were sleeping I woke up and started clawing at his back. I looked at my nails, they were sharp like a demon’s nails. He awoke in my dream in pain asked me why I did what I did, I had no answer. The next morning I woke up looked at his back, nothing, looked at my nails they looked normal with no blood on them. I felt really strange that day, and the next couple of days from what they said I would.

I have more stories to tell about my experiences with spirits. So by far from all of this that I have told you so far what does this mean? Why does it seem that spirits always tend to try and grab my attention? I now always keep my guards up at all times, or at least try to and not let anymore of them into me. What do you think?

Asked by Lilah

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Hi Lilah,

Ghosts, lost souls, try to get our attention because we have the sort of energy they like to feed from. They crave attention, to be recognised, to be remembered, to still feel human, because they are lost and confused in a place between heaven and earth that can be very frightening.

Spirits, who have been to heaven and return to earth to visit family and friends, never act in a frightening way, never take energy from us, and never stay around long.

A person who can speak to ghosts, who can help them cross into heaven, is called a medium. Some mediums can only speak to ghosts, some only to spirits, and some to both. It sounds to me that you are a medium, and, more than likely, you were born that way. Going by the story of your ex-stepdad, he probably felt something strange too, and saw something out the rear-view mirror .. have you asked him about that experience since it happened?

Do you watch horror movies, or even tv programs like ‘supernatural’? The demon dream could have been inspired by something like that, because you had the experience of being exorcised. Since the demon was already gone, it was unlikely to be connected to the experience, but it might have left a memory behind, or a suggestion. Unless it happens again, I wouldn’t be worried about it. We all have nightmares.

I hope that helps,
Love & Peace

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