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Is My Brother Haunting Our House?

Thirty years ago, my older brother committed suicide in the house that my mother still lives in.

In the past ten or twelve years, she has had issues with various appliances being super noisy, even after being replaced. (both the heating unit and the fridge were replaced in this time, both models of each prone to knocking noises but when seen by a repairman they were silent and nothing was found).

The phone rings often with nobody there when answered. There have been other occurrences that have happened to me and my daughter (who never knew her uncle, I was nine when he died) outside of my mother’s house, most notable being pictures I have of my kid when she was younger surrounded by what appeared to be bubbles or rain on a clear day.

My mother seems to see nothing unusual with these noises and what not at her house, but my sister and I are both curious as to whether or not our brother is causing them. We all go to mom’s for dinner once a week, and the noises are most apparent while we are there.

On a side note, a family friend once visited a medium who said that a teenaged boy was trying to contact him about a noisy heater. Weird, right?

Asked by Amy

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Hi Amy,

What does your mother say about odd events happening when you and your sister are NOT at the house? If nothing happens except when the two or three of you are together, it might be that one or the other of you is haunted, rather than your mother. Or it could be that the ghost likes to be recognised as present when you guys are all together.

That leads to the question of happens when your sister goes to visit by herself? Are the noises louder then too?

In the meantime, whether it is your brother or not I cannot say, given there is no way to ‘read’ your energy through this webpage. You could ask a ‘medium’ to come to the house to visit, and get him/her to contact the entity and ask who it is .. you might get your answer that way.

Love & Peace