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What Was That Popping Noise And Flash?

This evening 27.06.14 I was simply in my bedroom straightening my hair. A normal occurrence for most women my age. The way my room is situated (it’s pretty small) when you walk in the door from the living room , there’s my bed straight away and to the left hand side of the room I have a desk that I use as a vanity.
Well, I was standing smack in the middle of the room between the bed and the desk looking at the full length mirror that I had propped up into the corner between the two.

So here I am straightening my hair like a normal being when all of the sudden I hear a POP! and then a flash. I wouldn’t have seen the flash if I hadn’t have been looking in the mirror and the pop was your standard ‘a light bulb just blew’ sound, so of course I immediately I turn around and poke my head out of the door and look up at the ceiling fan which usually houses 3 lights but I only have one in because it’s one of those crazy burn your retinas ‘efficient’ light bulbs. And there I am in my still lit living room looking up at the light bulb.

I checked ALL the light bulbs in my house and none were blown aside from one the fancy bathroom lights that’s blew about a month after I moved in (February 2012) and I never replaced it cause the bulbs are like honestly from the 90’s (as if that’s soooo old!).

Oh and for background info on my apartment, it’s not in a building I have a back and front door  it’s set up almost motel style there are 22 apartments that are set up in a horse shoe. The apartments  in the 90’s and early 2000’s were used as a Kiwanis property (elderly people who could still live on their own) and I do not have the entire history on my apartment alone.

Any ideas on what this could have been?

Asked by Rebecca

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Hi Rebecca,

Which part of the room do you think the flash was in? Or has the hair straightener died? Sometimes they pop and flash when they overload themselves, if its electrical. Was it stormy outside? Otherwise, I wish we had some scientists on this site who might be able to explain something like that.

Sorry I can’t be more help. Some puzzles remain puzzles.

Love & Peace

Hello Ama,
The flash most definitely came from the living room , and the straightener has been fine I’ve used it everyday since. I can’t remember clearly but we haven’t gotten any rainy weather here is about a week so from what I can remember I think it was pretty calm. I’ve been noticing lately that things in my apartment end up in strange spots as well. I literally have to stand in my apartment and ask for them to appear and sure enough in a couple of days they’ll be there in a spot I’ve already looked. The things that move about are all similar, cotton swabs for removing nail polish, hair brushes and other girly things. I had been thinking that perhaps the light that I saw may have been caused by whatever is moving my things. Some things I guess could just be my foolish brain! Thanks for the help Ama!


…hey Rebecca…

…i was reading your post and juss wanted to drop yooh a note to say that i’ve had a similar experience with the “pop and flash” also…mine happened bout 7 to 8 years ago…and to this day i still have no theories on what it is…

…my occurance happened when i was sleeping…the only reason i know it happened was because i had my cam taping my bedroom during my sleep…so i do have it recorded…when i first saw it my first thought was that it was a camera flash…the pop and flash reminded me of a camera…i thought maybe my daughter came into my room in the middle of the night and took a pic…but she denies it strongly…

…this experience is to this day still troubling me to what it is…im sure that one day we will find out…

…dark blessings…

Hey Jan! The thing I can’t get past is that I live by nyself. It’s only me in the apartment 98% of the time, and in this specific occurrence I had been in my apartment for several hours by myself. There is no way there was anyone else in the apartment (trust me I know where to look). The pop and flash had me a little freaked out for about a week since all if my lights continued to work I brushed it off. And then one day maybe 2 weeks later I had basically all the lights on in my apartment ( I know, I’m a horrible person) and then the light in the living room just kinda died right there in total slow motion. Things still go ‘misplaced’ but after talking to basically myself as far as I could see, the movement has stoped for now.

Hi All

The flash and pop, is the bases of portal energy field. Like it takes place if the energies of the person is over charged. Like many areas of this unknown subject, people believe it is a power line fault. But, in the reality of this, the flash of light, and pop, is the portal opening and closing, with unique speed, basically faster than light. Hauntings are therefore occurred to this field of energy. So please do not panic, it just explaining the event in terms, for all to understand. The energy you have seen, and felt, is unique and rare, in the human aura forms, this, can enter a phase, with a unique insight. You have seen a portal opening, and closing, the pop, is like the speed of sound, if you understand the science.

Nevertheless, we must try to understand what mood and physical emotions you both had at the time. The paranormal forces, which is unknown, but a few understand. This only comes to some people on this planet, and therefore, it is not complex to understand. There are people out there in this planet, doing rituals and other forms of magic out of or on the internet, and do not understand the truth about what they are doing. And they open portals; that is why you and Jan have experienced this form of energies. I hope this information is ok. And if you want to know more. I would explain it in complex form.


Dark Blessings


So Darkco(sg), are you saying there a portal in my living room??? I have never used a ouija board or tried to speak with spirits unless I’m demanding my things back. How is this possible? Could someone before me have opened it and never closed it properly? Is this dangerous?!?

Hi All,

I did not mean in your house, the meaning, it going down the ley lines. If you are over charged with emotions of work or very day life, the energies goes to nearest energy source, and you were the nearest. The ley lines are like veins, and they are under water, on land, and cross many miles, and even break away onto another vein. The Portal is based somewhere else, sucking away the energies to complete the task. If you understand the concept. Like everything in this world, some rare few have had this experience. And you and Jan were the rare few. Portals can be opened many miles away by some one or a group, and they tap in the ley lines to complete the task, but many people do mess the energies, causing a energies to come and go on its way, across thousands of miles, even more.

I hope this information is Ok

This does not mean a portal opening, in you house, but I have heard many other stories, of portal opening in originally homes, and places, and they cannot understand how it happened. This is rare event. Hauntings and ghosts are far more alert to these energies, like beacons, and they come to meet it. But, I would say this, your experience is rare event.

Nevertheless, understand this, ley lines are powerful energy sources, and some people do understand how they work.

If you had any other occurrence from the event, anything which you feel is strange, write in. If NOT, well just put it down has a experience.


Dark Blessings


…hey rebecca…

…one thing i hope yooh realize is that there is no harm in these occurances…if harm was intended then it would have happened by now…

…we are not the only beings of exsistance on this plane that we live on…there are many dimensions and maybe what we experienced is another entity/being/or whatever thingy it is, was moving through a dimentional border into our reality…maybe sometimes we are lucky enough to witness this…

…dark blessings…


Hello my name is ernesto. I was searching about this on Google and I came across this.. and it sounds the same thing that happend to me and my daughter last night . 1-29-17 it was around 2am and me and my 3 year old daughter were just talking and playing laying down. Lights out and everything only thing that was on was a small fan. Long story short we were having a conversation me and my little girl she was saying she was scared of the ghosts.. and then I replied there’s not ghost baby and as soon as I said that maybe 10 seconds later I seen it clearly a flash followed with a pop noise like if the light bulb had popped. The mother of my children herd it too.. she was falling asleep next to us but only me and my daughter seen it.. I was staring straight at the wall when this happend and right where I was looking at the flash came on.. followed by the noise. And my daughter started crying I had to tell her don’t be scared daddy is here and she stopped crying. But it’s weird how right when I said there’s no ghosts baby.. That happened, I wasn’t scared or anything but I did try to find out what was that. I got up checked the lights all were working.. and it happened in the corner by the front door .. we were sleeping in the leaving room. And the way the house is there’s a hallway when u enter the home then the leaving room so there was no other light bulbs in that area only 1. And that one was still working when I turned it on.. and to add to the story it wasn’t my home though it was at my sisters so the next morning I bring it up to her and told her about it and she wasn’t surprise.. she told me her husband always can’t find his things at the house she said they always hide his stuff so Idk what that was etheir .. but yes 3 people witnessed it.. me my daughter and my wife

Hi Ernesto,

Just for thought, I can see fairies and they show up as sparks of light usually and sometimes even flashes of light like you have experienced. Yes, they even sometimes hit the walls and objects or me and make noise. So what is going on in that home might be fairies playing around, curious about what the people living there are doing, and sometimes borrowing objects from the people. I just recently had the other blue hairstick I love returned to me under my bed, where I know and remember I searched before and it wasn’t there before, but yesterday when I looked, it was there.

Most importantly, I have learned that fairies aren’t scary. They are nature spirits that mainly focus on taking care of Mother Earth and her creatures. If you ask nicely for your stuff back, maybe they will return it.

This is just something to think about. You’re not crazy and none of you guys are for having any of these experiences.

Today, August 11, 2017, my friend an I were sitting on my couch at around 2:00 in the afternoon. my lap top was on the floor in front of me as was my cell. My friend had a curling iron in her hand as she was curling her hair. My puppy was to my left ,right by my feet and my other dog was chewing a toy about 2 feet from us. It was a clear sunny day no clouds or unsettled weather. There was a loud popping sound and then like a camera flash but the light or flash was blue then orange. My friend saw a puff of smoke also but I was looking down pushing my puppy away because I thought she was chewing an electrical cord so I guess that is why i did not see the smoke. Also my dog and my puppy were not the least bit startled. They just continued what they were doing. Puppy was chewing a curler not cord. Well my friend and i were freaked out. my friend was unplugging lap top. We thought it was some sort of power serge. but the light or flash had not come from the out let or any of the electronic things we were using and they all were still working fine. There was no smell of burning electrical either. Really strange. Could it have been ball lightning?

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