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What Is My Spirit Visitor Trying To Tell Me?

I’m not really sure if I was awake or falling asleep when this experience took place, but I was lying in bed with my eyes closed when I felt a cold wet nose touch mine. I open my eyes quickly expecting one of my two dogs to be standing over me wanting to go out. They were both asleep on the other side of my bed, but I could still feel tho tickling sensation on the tip of my nose. I rubbed it away wondering what it was then I distinctly smelled and felt the fuzzy kitten who used to curl up under my chin, and wake me up with kisses on my nose. As the thought entered my mind, it was Mischief, I felt the kneading and purring of a cat next to my head on my pillow.

I know two things, I was wide awake from the moment after the initial touch, and this was the spirit of my old cat, Mischief. The strange thing is, I didn’t even know she had died. I had to give her up when she became ill with ovarian cyst and I couldn’t afford to pay for vet. A good friend at the time had found another friend willing to take on a new cat and the expense of her vet bills. Since then I never saw her and the friendship dissolved for unrelated reasons, but I’m certain it was her who visited me because she was the only cat who ever slept on my pillow with me. And the scent was so unmistakeably fuzzy kitten.

I wonder why she would suddenly come to me after over 15 years, and what could she be trying to tell me? Does anyone have any ideas or insight?

Asked by Barbara

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Hi Barbara,

Watch out for new kittens? Perhaps it took her a while to find you, and she just came to remind you that you were very much loved. Or maybe she simply came to say hello? Our fur friends do that from time to time .. much to the amusement of our family. 🙂

Love & Peace

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