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What Does It Mean When You Find Coins?

What is the significance of finding coins deliberately placed in certain places where I did not put them?

pennyFor the last couple of months I have been finding coins, mainly pennies, always heads up, in non coincidental spots, where I know I did not drop them.

At first I thought it was just a coincidence until I kept finding them in my locker at work, after I had been off for a few days and my locker was locked up.

The pennies and sometimes a nickel too are always in the same spot. I feel as if I have an angel or a lost loved one trying to get my attention, could anyone give me some insight on this?

Asked by Linda

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first of all have you played with any tools of the occult like ouija boards tarot cards etc. or occult dark practices like spirit channeling etc? yes well i can tell you from my experience it means you have a very dark malevolent spirit following you and it signifies evil and doom for you lol hahaha no im im kidding. but it does mean you are lucky finding all them coins enough of them and you will have a dollar keep saving them and you may even end up with 5 dollars so keep finding them good luck coins you are blessed sister!

When I was a small girl (I do not remember this at all only the stories I heard told) There was a ghost in our house. Certain items would disappear and in its place would be a 20.00 bill Big things would go missing things like guns and knives and others items. My dad called him Rastis. Later on my now deceased grand mother would not help any one no matter the problem told my dad that it was her who was laying money around the house. I do not believe that it was her in no way. Another thing is that my dad found some of the items in our farm field buried in the dirt and in the barn as well as in an old van that we used as a storage place. It was a very strange thing to hear about.
There could be many thoughts on this, in your case if yours are finding only coins then could be a place that you live that has a magnetic pull that may be snagging lost chain, places that you go by all of the time. We count our bills but we do not tend to count our change and there for if a few pennies or a nickel gets away from us we do not notice it. Perhaps it is your money and you don’t realize it. Maybe there is some one from the other side aiding you. Do you use a pop machine or a snack vender? Perhaps there has been days that you did not have enough to get what you wanted so maybe the spirit is just trying to make sure you are happy. So many things that it could be. I would not be scared as if it is a spirit it is not a threat to you in no way. I would take all of the coins that I found and save them in a jar and start saving up if this happens through out the rest of your life then you will have a nice pile of money for the retirement state πŸ™‚

Hello Linda,
my understanding is that it is a deceased loved one’s way of letting you know they are around and watching over you. Angels like to touch you on the top of your head and leave feathers. (I get touched on the top of my head a lot! LOL!) I do not see anything malevolent in this act; I just feel that Spirit is trying to remind you of their presence. Hope I’ve helped! πŸ˜€ Luna T.

Hi Linda,

Old coins, new coins, coins with a particular year on them? What do you do with the coins you receive? If you keep them, and I would, check the year they are marked with. That might give you a clue to why you are receiving them. Coins are also seen as a symbol of abundance in some societies. We have some lovely people in the local supermarket who have an ‘abundance’ plate where people can place their change, or just a coin, so that the ‘abundance’ will be shared with everyone. They donate the money to a good cause when it gathers into a good sum.

The other thought is ‘what is happening in your life when the coins appear’? Is it on a particular day of the week? Do you find them when you are in a particular mood (like having a hard day)? As Luna says, it could signify someone in spirit, or an angel, watching over you .. but I think it might actually be a reminder that you have, or might need to consider, changing your attitude, to one of having ‘abundance’ .. an abundant attitude tends to draw good things towards us. We forget that when life becomes a challenge and we get grumpy.

Love & Peace

I like that, Ama, and I hadn’t thought of that, but the abundance concept makes total sense! πŸ˜‰ (especially since that is a path I have been trying to follow as of late! πŸ˜‰ )

We have to remember its an attitude, Luna .. if its true we create our reality, and I believe it is, then we also create ‘lack’ for the learning it gives us, but also because of issues of ‘self worth’. (Do we deserve abundance?)

Love & Peace

One day this week, getting dressed, I put on a pair of new, tight-fitting socks. I went to work and walked quite a lot that day. I noticed nothing special about my feet. That evening at home, I took off my shoes. I immediately felt something in my sock. I took it off….. and found a penny. Had the penny gotten there while in the laundry, I’d have felt the penny immediately when I put it on. Maybe the penny slipped from my pocket, down my pants leg and into the sock. Nope. No holes in pocket, carried no loose change, and socks tight around leg.
There have been many signs of paranormal activity at home, but this one was a real surprise!

Hi Bradley,

A scenario for you .. wandering around in your home, a penny got stuck on the bottom of your foot, just before you put the sock on .. impossible maybe, unlikely certainly, but strange things do happen. You didn’t notice it all day because it was the same temperature as your foot, and perhaps you don’t walk around much .. or it was in a slightly insensitive area of your foot .. and then you pull off your sock at the end of the day, and voila’ its there.

What other signs do you have of paranormal activity?

Love & Peace

Hi, Ama. Thanks for your reply. What interested me about the coin is that it was INSIDE my sock. Still puzzling over it.

One of the most interesting events was this one: I was sitting in a chair reading and having coffee. I don’t like to leave soiled dishes laying about, so I put the cup right near the doorway of my room so that I’d remember to take it downstairs. I continued reading. When I got up to go downstairs, I bent over to pick up the cup, and was gone! I thought, “am I so absent minded that I’ve already taken the cup downstairs? Did anyone come into the room un-noticed by me?” No. I went into the bathroom. When I came out, there was the cup precisely where I had placed it! I actually doubled over and laughed.

Also, Ama, a women is know to have perished in our house in a fire before we moved there. I have “seen” an entity on one occasion. Fully awake, and with a strong light on, I saw her stroll through the kitchen. I checked and found that all other members of my household were in fact asleep.

Yes, inside your sock is odd, but what is odder is why you didn’t feel it there?

Cups vanishing and appearing I tend to blame on fairies. The elemental kingdom is real, and they do like to ‘borrow’ things, all sorts of odd things, and will return most of them, the majority of the time. Your cup could also be a sign of a ghost playing games, to get your attention, so they might have enjoyed your emotions of surprise when you saw the cup returned. Ghosts, after all, are just human beings without bodies.

Seeing ghosts is not usual around here either. My husband sees them constantly, I just generally deal with the troublemakers, or those who pass behind me some nights. I get to watch them reflected in the window in front of me. If they go back and forth a few times, I figure they are trying to attract my attention, so I stop whatever I am doing and have a chat .. and then cross them over. πŸ™‚

You could cross your ghost into healing/heaven if you want to. It’s actually very easy to do.

Love & Peace

My daughter and I found so many coins in our place it was absolutely magically. We knew they were purposely placed in odd areas. Once I founded a dollar on bathroom sink. Coins in couch cushions…we would remove all the coins…come and find more and more and more…underneath my son’s chair in my pants pockets that I previously checked before..on window pane in trash can after removing garbage bag…when we go out side..the money kept reappearing in my car…when I leave cashier there is a penny on the floor followed by a dime..when I park my car their are coins…they are everywhere..My daughter even found a $20 and a $5…it is so unreal..on the window pane…just so many many many many many coins. Someone please explain? I picked up my pillow and found tons do coins underneath my pillow….we never have visitors so we know no left the coins behind..every dollar coin I have is accounted for so it’s not mine…We kept find hands and hands full of coins until my daughter said mommy am exhausted.

My son-in-law has leukemia and is in Boston for a trial treatment. While getting blood today, he was fully dressed and had a light blanket over him. When he took off the blanket, there was a quarter, face up, sitting in his knee. He also picked up a dime on the seat he was sitting in at the airport. My daughter, his wife, found a dime randomly. I find dimes all the time – the last being in the sidewalk by my back door that we haven’t used in years. My sister finds dimes everywhere – we share that experience. I have personally experienced remarkable things – not easily explained in this world. But the most thrilling is definitely the quarter on the knee.

I love this! I love finding coins on the ground. My mom died in 2007 and she use to laugh because I told her that I was trying to see how much “found” coins I could collect over my lifetime. She even bought me one of those plug in change sorters. She loved to watch me get excited about the coins, count them out and put them in wrappers.
I recently made a major life change that involved moving from the East Coast to the West Coast and then to Texas, all in the last 3 years. I’ve been feeling off about the move I made to Texas and decided that I would start taking walks on my lunch break. Since I have started this I can tell you that I find pennies, so many pennies everyday. They are on the sidewalk, parking lots, etc. I like to think its my mom saying “Hanging in there kid, I love you and it will be ok”

Hi Angel Mancuso,

That sounds so amazing to find so many pennies and to think of them as signs/messages from your mom! I used to have fun with the pennies I’d find as a kid and say they were “lucky pennies”, but only if it were heads up!

I’m a little late, but I do have a story.
I went to put on my shoe a week ago, and when I picked up the right shoe, a nickel matked 2015 dropped out. I would do fair to call 2015 the happiest year of my life. 2016 isn’t being very kind so far.

Anyways, directly after that, a 2011 and a 2016 dime dropped out of my wallet. Is there any significance to this? What do you think?

I also found a whole pile of change tonight, but figured it was just some dude eating fast food, noting the empty mcdonalds bag near by. Litter bug πŸ™

When I was living with my Aunty I started to find a lot of five cent coins, she told me that it was my grandmother watching over… at first I didn’t believe her until I moved out. I’d be at work and under the coffee machine I would find five cent coins. Even around my apartment i would find them. I never have five cent coins I always say to keep them. They stopped showing up for a while. I recently just moved in with a new partner, and today as I was cleaning I found 4 five cent coins all heads up in the most weirdest places. Is my Aunty correct that I have my grandmother watching over me. I’m too scared to talk to anyone about as I think they may think I’m crazy any help or guidance would be much appreciated

Hello Mikaela,

I love the thought of my grandmother watching over me. I agree with your Aunty, the coins symbolise abundance (all good things), and they may well be a symbol that you are loved and being taken care of – so unless your new partner put the coins where s/he did .. say hi to grandma again, but don’t expect her to hang around too much.

Love & Peace

Few years back i rented a 3 bedroom house, on my first day i cleaned the whole house and i noticed a bunch of old coins in the floor corner and a rosary hanged in the wall. That room always gives me chills so i barely go there, me and my brother sleeps at the other rooms so it’s always been empty until my cousin moved in and occupied it. Since then everything changed,some unexplanable things happened. Every 3:00 am the shower would turn on by itself,we could see clicking on light switches on and off and the gas stove as well! My cousins husband told me he saw a lady in white with red eyes crossing their room.I honestly never believe on paranormal stuff before at that time it is happening right in my face! Were all scared and started sleeping all together in the same room. Hoping it will go away in time but it never, every 3:00 in the morning scared that the house will get flooded and caught in fire we all have to get up together to shut the shower and stove. Scared that people might think we are crazy we kept it all to ourselves, then one day a friend came for a visit she was about to use the washroom when all of the sudden she started screaming on the top of her lungs! She saw the same white lady my cousins husband discribed, staring at her with bloody eyes and an evil smile. She was not able to go home that day, shaking and doesn’t wanna get out of the bedroom, she got a very high fever same night and she kept that the whitelady wants to take her! We moved out couple days after.
I didn’t mean to scare anyone and believe it or not i am not making it up, i just want to share my story since the subject is coins related to paranormal.

I also have had quite a few paranormal experiences with pennies…All of them brand new bright pennies…I have also on several occasions had them turn up in my sock 1/2 way through my 12 hour work shift in a busy ER and one time was a brand new pair of fresh out of the pack socks. One time a penny was dropped into my upturned hand that was resting on my lap as I watched TV and I was home alone. Another time when I was home alone a penny was gently thrown at me and when I turned to the direction it came from there was a fading white mist. One time when I was doing my personal business in the bathroom I looked down and saw one in my panties. A coworker witnessed one being thrown at me by nobody at work. He was not surprised because he has his own experiences with dimes.

Hi everyone,

For months now, I have been finding pennies, dimes, and nickels on the ground wherever I go. At first I thought it was because I was meditating. Then, I stopped meditating for a while and it kept happening. Then I remembered about this thread and thought maybe it was Spirit or a family member in heaven trying to say hi. The coins just kept coming. Eventually, my mom began finding coins too, even when I am walking with her! Then, she said someone else at her job began finding coins too!

Coins for everyone! I am happy about this.

What I do remember though, that I told my mom about, is that I also brought up the idea of karma. A few months before finding the coins, my mom and I found a wallet with credit cards, personal information, and so much money in it. I am talking like 20’s and maybe even a 100 dollar bill (my memory is foggy on that 100 dollar bill, but it was a big number). Instead of keeping it, my mom and I decided to return it to the police. The police took it and they said “You know, most people these days won’t do that. They would take the money and run.”

So, I thought maybe we are finding coins here and there as a “good karma” thing for us returning the wallet with money. Whatever reason it may be, it’s nice having some extra change.

I lost my wallet with a lot of cash there, then after that i kept finding coins everywhere, like in the bathroom behind my door under my bed, my moms walletπŸ˜‚ Hahahaha etc.

My husband and I bought a house about a month ago, and while cleaning I have found 4 pennies so far, all heads up. There was one in our front door threshold, one in our a/c vent, one behind a spindle on our staircase, and one under a baseboard in our guest bedroom. I have not moved them, I’ve just let them sit. I know pennies are supposed to be good luck but I’m just wondering if there is any other reason they would be left there? Any ideas? Thanks.

Hi Fiona, There is are a few beliefs regarding coins and a persons home. Placing a coin at the front doorway is said to keep bad luck from entering your home, placing a coin in a corner of each room will bring wealth and good fortune. A Russian belief is that scattering coins all over your home will bring you wealth. I bet that the coins were placed there to bring good luck to your new home.

Hi, my question is me and my daughter find pennies and dimes unexcepted. All of hers are whiney with 2017 for date. My coins are ion top of the ground but in the earth all dirty and old. My husband passed away March 2017. My mind and heart cant let go of him. What does this mean?_

I understand that finding pennies or dimes are from a loved one passed to let you know that they are there. At work we had a repairman come in and he found a coin from the Philippines and handed it to me. Two days later I was getting some of my furniture that was stored in my moms garage and inside the drawer was another Coin from the Philippines and a Canadian coin. Do you know the significance?

My father and I were cleaning out my grandparents’ house after they had both passed away. My father was their only
Child and I am his only child. It’s a large home with lots of things. Lots…
My father got tired and sat down on the bed while I was cleaning out the dresser drawers. He asked if I remembered the story of my grandmother losing the Christmas money she inteneded to give him several years ago. I said vaguely… then I crossed to the other dresser. My dad said he had already cleaned the whole thing out. I said, well I will just open up the drawers to make sure we didn’t miss anything. Right as I opened the first drawer, I immediately saw an envelope. A white envelope from banks when you withdraw cash. In it was the $100 gift that my grandmother lost!!
I truly believe Gaga was right there with us. She made sure I found my dad’s present.
We laughed and I silently thanked God – and my grandmother.

Hi Edie,

That is an awesome story! I love it! Your grandmother was definitely there with you guys. Isn’t it beautiful when loved ones in spirit leave us surprises like that in life?

I found a nickel tonight with my older brothers Birthday on it, we don’t communicate as often as I like, and I found a dinner prior with 2013 on it, I’m not sure what the 2013 is saying, but I was thinking it was from my brother whom was tragically, suffered a brutal death from being murdered, I wondered maybe was he sending me a message??? I miss him dearly though it’s been 21 years, we were very close and I have been trying to overcome the mourning that I have done since it happened. I had dream and he was standing beside me, we were by a creek and the pastor was placing a picture of my deceased brother in the stream of water as I begged him not to do so, my brother started to disappear and the photo showed my oldest son and no longer my brother in it! What does that mean?

Hi there,

I just found 10 coins in a coin deposit machine at the bank, they were in the reject tray. I also found a roll of 20c coins in the coin dispensing machine (thats 20 coins) $4. It was not mine, As i only got $1 rolls. In total thats 30 coins on the same day! this has not happened before. I do money rituals at home and own paranormal spell cast items. It this a good sign or what?

I found a coin at the entrance door of my new work place. It was wierd because a lot of people were passing through that door at the time in question and i was the only one who noticed it

I was at work today recovering in our craft isle and noticed a random nickel under packs of scrapbook paper laying on the shelf. I’m guessing someone was just trying to say HI to me today!! ❀️

Well I found 6 cent in my socks I know I didn’t put them there so am gonna start praying to my washing machine because he is got to be doing something awesome no matter how u dice it to get money in a sock is pretty amazing so maybe it got more awesome tricks up its drums I will keep u all posted.

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