Tall Dark Figure That Appears To Me At Night

I have been experiencing a presence that I have been referring to as the “tall man”. I wake in the middle of the night to a tall dark and hooded figure (reminds me of the grim reaper) standing next to my bed; most of the time he stands at the end of my bed. In my first few experiences with the tall man, he didn’t seem to even notice I was there. I sat up in my bed to take a closer look but I could only see his profile. He then slowly moved out of my room passing thru my door. Later experiences he is facing me, but I am still unable to see his face. Lately he has said things to me. Little things like that he needs something from me. Last night I witnessed him again and he was in my room for what seemed like an hour and he actually handed me a towel from my wall.

Now, I know that this all sounds a little weird and maybe unbelievable, which is exactly how I feel about it. I am an atheist and have never believed in anything supernatural. I am a captain in the US Army and I have always passed this off as a hallucination brought on by PTSD or some sort of stress. I have a couple of tattoos depicting the reaper and one of the Voodoo veve representing him. I thought that because of the nature of my job and the nature of my tattoos, the tall man could be a mental projection. Of course that is until last night when the tall man actually handed me a towel that was hanging on the other side of the room. This physical contact has me a little unnerved.

Does anyone have any idea what I could be dealing with? He hasn’t appeared violent or intimidating in anyway, but should I be concerned?

Asked by David

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