Was It A Ghost Or Demon And Did It Open A Doorway?

When I was little I walked into the basement, it was a nice sunny day outside. I would go down and play by myself my grandmother would hang sheets up to dry. This day I was downstairs play like I always did.

I turned there was a sheet that like someone was under it. It gave me a hug pick me up like it was happy to see me swinging me back and forth. Putting me down right in front of the steps tapping me on my back.

When I got upstairs I told my grandmother.  She didn’t believe me from that point on I always could see shadow or something running away out the corner of my eye. I used to chase them till one day I was told it was demons I was seeing is that true?

Was the sheet ghost a demon did it open a doorway for me to see this stuff? I still see things out the corner of my eye sometimes sitting there like its watching me its usually white, grey, or black when I look up I always see the tail end of it. Sometimes its a bang noise or something falling the way it went.

Its been going on for 31 years now.

Asked by sinnij

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Hi Sinnij,

A demon doesn’t hug people, put them at the stairs and say ‘up you go’ with a tap on the back. Nor did it give you the gift of being able to see shadows, or shadow people, or ghosts .. whatever it is that you see in your peripheral vision. They don’t do things like that.. Sounds like me that you met a friendly ghost, and because you could see it (sheet or otherwise) it played with you for a moment and then sent you on your way. That’s a lovely memory to have of a paranormal experience, but you are who you are because you chose to have the gift, not because it was bestowed upon you by an unseen entity.

Love & Peace

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