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My Little Girl And Weird Looking Hand Print

Hi, I have a little girl who is 3 years old. She woke up with this weird looking hand print on her right side, all 5 fingers are there and they are really long and skinny.

I’m very worried about this. Its not a normal hand print. What should I do?

Asked by Brittany

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Hi Brittany,

When my daughter was born she has what I called ‘spider monkey fingers’ .. long artistic fingers .. very long, her hands grew into them, in a way, and she’s very artistic now. Personally, since the majority of stories of handprints that are coming up these days do not seem to have any harm attached to them, I would worry too much about it. However, just for your own peace of mind, scroll down to the bottom of this page, find the link to White Light Shields, and wrap one around your home to keep your kids safe. They are easy to create, and keep paranormal entities out of the house.

I think she was probably just touched by a ghost, long fingers or not. I don’t know why the handprints are showing up now, but people are often touched by the unseen, without realising it.

Love & Peace

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