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Unexplained Scratch Marks

A few days ago I noticed that I had a few long scratches running from my ankle, over my knew and up to mid thigh. I initially thought that perhaps I had been scratched by a plant the day before or something along those lines – but it did seem odd.

Yesterday I noticed I had a new scratch on the back of my other leg – these scratches aren’t very deep, however not something a razor blade or plant could inflict as they are a very red defined sharp line and remain very visible for days after they appear.

I was telling my boyfriend, who often stays over me, how I think his toe nails might be getting my legs at night because look how many red sore scratches I have…

He didn’t find it funny because on his lower back he had many scratches – it looked like some one scratched him to pieces.

What is going on and how do I stop it/ end it?

Asked by Ceallagh

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Hi Ceallagh, I personally surround my bed with black salt and while doing so, read out loud the The Arch Angel Michael Protection prayer. Thats what I do when Im touched at night by the unknown.
Hope this helps

Thanks so much. I’ve lived at this house for over 10 years – a couple of unexplained and uncomfortable things have been going on this week but the scratches on both myself and my boyfriend ( especially because they are appearing at different times ) are the most unsettling

Hi Ceallagh

I suggest you scroll to the bottom of this webpage and follow the link to the Michael Invocation and use it to clear your home, yourself and have your boyfriend say it as well. That should take care of any entity that is hanging around. While black salt is great, any salt is great, for keeping entities off the bed, if you vacuum you’ll have to re-salt every time. The instructions for the Invocation, and why it works, are on the webpage.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

Hi Ama,

I was demonically haunted for many months after my mother died (a lot of strange things happened just before, and while she moved in with me too). I actually have some of the phenomena on videos and photos, and other people heard the audio part of it.

I am a Tibetan Buddhist and it took me a long time to clear the energy. I was terrified – the stuff happening was just like the movies and I couldn’t believe this kind of thing happened OUTSIDE the movies. In Buddhism you don’t exorcise, you bless and ask the beings to become protectors or peacefully leave. But eventually it worked. An incredibly beautiful green moving sphere started showing up on my videos and one video picked up the sound of singing bowls.

Unfortunately when the phenomena passed I got lazy, and stopped practicing. Which was a mistake because I believe we are in very dangerous times, maybe the end times, and that the heads of state are pathologically evil in almost all countries: chemtrails, making seeds that terminate after one use, etc.

During the time of the demonic attack, I did a lot of research on the web and your invocation was one I found that I loved. I now work at a halfway house for alcoholics and addicts. Although I can’t see the negative entities/energies any more, I am an empath and can certainly feel them. So I looked up your invocation again and plan to say it before work and coming home every time I can.



I am sorry you have had to go through these troubles, Lisa, and I hope they never happen again. The Invocation really is a blessing and we are very happy that we received it and have been able to share it over the last 15 years or so. I also hope that it has been spread far and wide across the internet in that time, so that when I finally have to take down those webpages there will be lots of other locations to find it.

Love & Peace