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Someone Trying To Contact Me?

Last night I was watching some videos on youtube related to most haunted houses in America and its backstories/ Cases dealt by Ed and Lorraine Warren etc.

At 1 am I heard a very distinctively subtle 3 knocks on my door. Very precisely timed. I did not open the door and waited for my husband was in the restroom. I was very scared that I was saying my prayers to ward off that thing.

Meanwhile, in 20 minutes my husband came by and opened the door. Do you think It came into my house? Nothing very unusual except my bed started creaking in one’s even when we didn’t move. My husband didnt thinks it is that big of a deal.

If someone is trying to contact, will my husband also be able to hear noises? How would I know what is happening?

Does it signify any deaths etc then?

Or is this just for that moment that someone was trying to contact me?

This is my first encounter with whatsoever.

How do I prepare for tonite?

Asked by Ana

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Hi Ana,

I don’t think you have anything to worry about. If whomever knocked wanted to come in the house they would have, open door or not, if the knocking was caused by a ghost who bothered to hang around for the 20 minutes it took your husband to return to the room. Most stories I read about these knockings end up with nothing else happening. I think they are done simply to frighten the living into giving the ghost a bit of energy before they move on to someone else. That’s what happens when we hit panic, or startle, our bodies produce a jolt of energy which ghosts appear to enjoy .. sort of like when you were a kid and your baby brother jumped out in front of you and giggled when you were startled.

Love & Peace