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Are There More Spirit Beings In Old Redwood Forests?

Not too long ago I lived right in the heart of the ancient Redwoods. And of all the spiritual things that have happened to me in my life I’d say that over half happened while living there. Where it really started to get interesting was when we sold our home, the one we wanted didn’t go through, and we choose to live in a 5th wheel trailer for 2 months to conserve money. Not only were we downsizing our living situation but opted to live in the heart of the Redwoods on a friends property.

Humboldt Rockefeller Forest
Humboldt Rockefeller Forest

Right away I noticed weird little things happening. Usually at night I would see flashes of movement through the trees. When I would go outside I could have sworn I heard some sort of whispering a well. Knowing I was a spiritual person if I told anyone they’d would just tell me it was my imagination or I was seeing wild animals.

But then I started having very real dreams. Of little people, all different kinds! Then at night I would sometimes burn candles on the edge of my aluminum sink. Well then things got even stranger when I discovered the wax that came off the burning candles would actually form very realistic images of supernatural beings. By the time it was all said and done in the end I had over 20 images in wax of a wizard, what I presumed were pixies, fairies, and a couple of a being sitting on a log with curled shoes smoking a pipe! These images were so real looking in appearance I had someone come out that was interested in doing a story on it. But before things could get underway the shelf I had them on just fell one day and most of them being so delicate, broke. And the funny part was I didn’t care about the story, etc. I just wanted answers on how and why this had happened.

Then just as suddenly as it started it stopped. There were no more images that came out of the dripping wax.

Redwood National Park
Redwood National Park

But 2 days before we were to finally move into our new home we made a huge campfire, did the wienie and s’more thing and after friends left, hubby went to bed I decided to stay outside for awhile to enjoy the fire. Suddenly I saw peaking over the ferns a couple of what looked like something similar to the wax image of the person sitting on the log smoking a pipe. I know this sounds crazy but it really happened. There seemed to be a few of them rustling in the ferns and hiding behind the trees just observing me. I didn’t feel threatened just a little nervous not knowing who or what they were. But I did do a quick prayer to have a white light of protection around me and went inside for the night. Later on when I looked out my window I saw a couple of these beings run from the fire back into the woods.

And 2 days later we moved into a town out of the “mystical Redwoods” so of course most of what was happening came to an end. And though I’ve told this story to various people over the years I’ve never really discussed my question here.

Does anyone know if there are more Spirit beings in the ancient Redwood forests than possibly a newer forested area? Or maybe you’ve heard about it. I know that a lot of the forest is still untouched after thousands,( maybe millions) of years. And the energy I felt when I walked around in it was amazing! Thank you for any information.

Have a wonderful day.:) Cindy

Asked by Cindy

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Hi Cindy,

Every forest is populated by the elemental folk, so is every garden, the inside of our houses, because they help maintain the ‘fabric of existence’. There are not ‘more’ in places like forests, they are just more obvious, particularly to people who have a gift for seeing them.

It sounds as if they were making you and your family welcome, showing you they were there. I’ve also had experiences where things have ‘broken’ or ‘disappeared’ when I’ve wanted to share them with other people. I guess some things are meant to be kept to ourselves, at least for now.

Wishing you a lovely day,
Love & Peace

I saw the invisible thing flying over me, it wasnt any particular shape…yet it had an outline so you can tell it was invisible, so this in the redwoods.

I saw the flash of moment in the redwood forest, it was not sunrays…i was not stoned…lol… it moved about 4ft…it was invisible yet you can see an outline of this thing?

Has anyone else experienced the invisible flash in the redwoods?

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