Terrified Because I Am Followed By Shadow People

So I’ve been seeing shadow people for the past couple months.

It started I would only see them during my sleep paralysis but then I began seeing them when I’d lay awake in bed at night.

Everything I’ve looked up about shadow people says they go away when you notice them, however these ones just continue to stand there and stare at me. For months I acknowledged them but didn’t believe they were real, I thought it was all in my head. But recently I was spending the night at my boyfriends house and he nudged me and asked me if it looked like there was people standing in our windows.

I had already noticed them but I ignored it like always because I assumed they weren’t real and it was in my head.

They just stood in our bedroom windows and watched us. Knowing they’re real, now they scare me much worse. Now that we’ve noticed them, there’s been more. There’s 6 or 7 different shadow people I’ve noticed at his house and he told me he only sees them when I’m there. If I’m not there, they’re not there. I see them everywhere I go, standing in the darkness, watching me.

The other night, we were sound asleep in bed and I woke up around 2-3 in the morning and I could see them.

They’ve moved, they’ll stand in the kitchen hallway or in our bathroom door way or hide in our closet.

Then something terrifying happened, my boyfriend in a dead sleep turned towards me and said “Are you scared now?” I had a panic attack. and When I get upset, they become more noticeable.

They move and get closer to us. It’s like they feed off the negative feeling.

What do they want? How do I get them to go away?

Everything I’ve read said they should go away when you notice them. We noticed them but they don’t go away. They just keep staring, watching, getting closer.

They’re far worse at his house and I think it’s because we’re both very emotional people and they thrive off it. It’s bad when I’m alone at my house too but they keep there distance and there’s only two. But at his house they’re getting closer and there’s so many. They follow me and I don’t know why.

I need answers. I’m terrified to sleep.

Asked by Olivia

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One reply on “Terrified Because I Am Followed By Shadow People”

Hello Olivia,

What happens if you look one ‘straight in the face’ and ask ‘aren’t you bored yet’? Have you tried being defiant, because they are actually behaving like nasty little idiots with no manners, and should certainly not be using you and your boyfriend as a form of entertainment. If they are feeding off your fear, they are not true shadow people, just some other being, like a ghost .. and its friends .. and so the Michael Invocation, which you will find a link to just below this answer .. will clear them from both your homes, and yourselves. Each of you say the Invocation for yourself, then again using the address of your homes as what you want cleared. The instructions are on the webpage.

That should settle things down, if not, contact us again and we’ll see what we can do.

Love & Peace