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Taunting Spirits After House Cleansing By Coven

I need a second opinion.

A few months ago my daughter and I moved into a new building which has 3 floors.

When I moved in things started happening slowly and then escalate.

Scratches on my arms and on my daughter, banging on my door, the chain lock being ripped off of my front door, stomping in my living room in the middle of the night and much more.

Our family have all been connected to the spiritual world most of our lives however nothing like this has happened to any of us.

My mother and I tried a home cleansing ourselves holy water, sage and other tools of protection however it seemed to only get worse and follow my daughter and I wherever we went even if the places we went to were shielded to protect.

I enlisted the help of a coven who came to my home and cleansed the house and put a protection no evil or bad may enter.

I must say this did work and I also feel safe and powerful in my home.

Here is my problem now;

Over the past few weeks I have been woken up from my sleep at exactly 3:12am.

Every night to hear noises above me as in the apartment above me.

Always banging, stomping, running etc. They are a single couple with no kids or animals. Then last night I fell asleep on the couch to be awakened at the same time to noises coming from the hallway as if someone was running aggressively towards my door but could not enter. It seems as if this entity is obsessed with causing harm to me and my daughter but cannot pass my door.

I am at a stand still because it cannot pass but is still affecting me at the same time every night. I am tired and a bit worried it may break the barriers if whatever this is gains strength.

Please give any advice or thoughts on this.

This is my home and I will not leave.

Kind regards,

Asked by Michelle