Possessed For Over A Year Please Help

It all began a little over a year ago when I was conducting Evp’s in my home and using a spirit box. I was getting class A evp’s and hearing things being said with my own ears. I was hearing some very disturbing things and became afraid and began trying to bless my house with blessed healing oils, I didn’t know what else to do. Then suddenly I was attacked, it felt like someone hitting me hard and a bunch of voices in my head suddenly and telling me “don’t bother, that’s not going to help” to what I was busy doing. I was scared to death and it began to control my thoughts.

Days later it became noticeable and my husband called 911 and I was admitted to a mental hospital.. I underwent voices and hallucinations and a voice telling me it was from my deceased loved one which led me to try and converse with it. It fooled me really badly.

A year later I am doing better, I have come to know and realize it is not my friend in my head but a demon. I stay close to God and Jesus now as I just wait this out, I can see things are getting better for me so I feel that it is hopefully leaving.

I am so tired of waiting for this jerking to leave me alone and get my sane life back. Is there something I can do? I’ve visited priests about this but they don’t believe me and end up telling me to pray, in which I do. Please help me in suggestions as to how to repel and be rid of this thing.

Also, we have since moved to a new house, you would think that would help but I’m worried about where this thing will go after it leaves me. I keep telling it that if it follows the devil than may it go to hell bit that just seems like wishful thinking only at this point, I’m so scared and tired of it please help. Thank you!

Asked by Kimberly