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Staring At Your Face In The Mirror Bad Experience

Hi there, so I would really like some advice as I’m absolutely shocked and extremely freaked out by what’s just happened.

I used to do this as a kid but nothing would happen back then was ever like this, but I’ll get to the point..

I started into the mirror today, looking directly into my own eyes to start the experiment today. After about 30 ish seconds my face started to darken, my eyes began to sink and fade slightly “at this point I’m doing my best not to blink” as my whole entire face darkens after about a minute I see this horrifyingly dark facial figure instantly pop out”and I know that sounds ridiculous” it was all contorted and dark, it was absolutely horrifying I can’t explain it.

But the moment that happened, I quickly snapped my eyes off of the mirror because I couldn’t take it any more, I was too disturbed but then I started to feel extremely dizzy… ? so incredibly light headed it felt like I was literally leaving my body and at the same time every hair was standing up on my body and it felt like I was tingling all over and I had goosebumps everywhere.

If my chair wasn’t there and I hadn’t dropped to my chair I would have fallen to the ground. After that a small manic attack occurred too.

Is this something paranormal? I honestly have never ever in my life felt or experienced this kind of thing before, and I am so scared right now. I can’t get that face out of my head, I mean when I looked away it was like it was almost burned into my vision. And it took a second for me to recognize my own face in the mirror after reluctantly peering at myself for a quick second after the ordeal.

I’m 22 Male and living in England and this has stumped me, I really don’t know what happened.

And I really wish it didn’t happen. Wish I never did it now.

I would really like some help or advice.

Kind regards,

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2 replies on “Staring At Your Face In The Mirror Bad Experience”

Hi Josh,

Straining our eyes to have fun in mirrors .. I’ve done it too. The old lady that LOOKED! out at me scared the hell into me. Was she me in the future (given my chubby face, probably not), was she me in a past life .. entirely possible .. was she a ghost? Maybe. I probably scared her more than she scared me though, because I prayed like crazy to get her out of the house. I was a child. Now-a-days I would know better than to try and open a portal into an unknown universe, which is what mirrors often are.

So .. two things .. the first is .. scroll to the bottom of this webpage and follow the link through to the Michael Invocation and clear your home with it. The instructions are on the webpage.

And two .. close the mirror you just poured all that lovely energy into. That’s what happens when we stare at things for a long time, or even a short one, intensely .. we feed it energy .. you can feel when people are staring at you, can’t you ..

The simplest way to do this is to draw a cross on it (water is good to use – you don’t need to leave a mark) with the Intention (or wish, or willing it) of closing it permanently. The cross can be an x, an ank, or the Christian Cross, or whatever cross takes your fancy. The intention is to make your mark on the mirror that says ‘none shall cross here’. I do it to every mirror in every house I stay in. I don’t appreciate being haunted unexpectedly. 🙂

And next time, if there is a next time, you decide to play a silly game of dare with the mirror .. remember .. something might be looking back .. but hopefully its just your reflection. 🙂

Love & Peace