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Silver Lining Around Aura With A Silvery Blue Aura?

I’ve looked everywhere for the meaning of a silvery blue aura with a silver lining but can’t find it anywhere and I can’t seem to find anyone that knows. So I was hoping you guys might?

I’ve always had silver incorporated into my aura it was super visible in photos as a kid. But just curious as to what silvery blue aura means.

I’m familiar with what they both mean, but can’t find a meaning for the combination of both.


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Hello Tia,

The last time I read about this combination, the person was a Starseed, from the Pleiadian group of worlds, having a human lifetime. I believe they have that unique aura.

Love & Peace

Could you please explain this any thing about things like this is intriguing to me. “Starseed, from the Pleiadian group of worlds, having a human lifetime”. What is a aura any ways what does it mean

Morning angel,

A starseed is the pretty new age name for the spirit of a person in a human body that is not classified as a human spirit .. or well, I think they actually still are human, but they were not part of the group that began their physical experiences on the Earth, but on another planet (there’s a variety of them). There are quite a few from the Pleiadian worlds around these days. Earth is a great training ground. Here’s a bit of information about the region. http://www. /pleyades/esp_pleyades_25.htm I deliberately inserted breaks in the link, so copy/paste it into your browser and remove the gaps if you want to go there. I don’t agree with everything on that site.

The aura .. you know how the car gets hot and pumps out energy, you can feel it. Well, the human body has a motor too, our hearts and brains. The spiritual electrical system is called the chakras. The physical body also has a nervous system which runs on electricity .. the bit that flinches when we hurt ourselves.

Having said that, the actual aura is the energy of the chakra system that spreads out up to 20 feet around our bodies, if we are good and healthy. It can also draw in very close, depending on what situations we are dealing with, as its protective. When we put a white light shield around ourselves it goes around the outside of the aura, the auric sheath. The aura is actually seven levels of energy and written into each of those levels is the history of everything our spirit has experienced, and wants to experience, in this and every other lifetime we have lived – regardless of whether a person believes in other lives or not.

The aura can be ‘read’, like a book, and can tell a good reader all about us. It can be felt .. kinda fun to do that. 🙂 And we ‘share’ our energy when we sit next to someone and just feel good. The energy of the two auras combine, mesh together .. we enjoy ourselves, then we get up and go away, sometimes with regret, pulling away gently .. don’t really want to leave ..

But if we meet someone whose aura energy is incompatible ours, we can take an instant dislike to them.

The aura comes in colours and patterns and can tell a Medical Intuitive how our physical body actually is. And not just the body, but also the mind. Illnesses such as depression, cancer, and everything else show up in it. Think of it like a giant storage area of everything that makes you who you are, in this lifetime.

And everyone has one.

Love & Peace