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Weird Videos On My IPod

I live with my family in Oregon, stuck in a rural area. We usually go camping each year, generally during the summer. So we went camping on the west coast. From what I remember we stayed there from Thursday to Sunday.

Okay so I had an IPod touch at the time, in stead of a phone. I carried the thing everywhere with me, EVERYWHERE. To skip all of the pointless stuff, on Thursday evening my IPod died, so I had left it in the car due to the fact that I had no way to charge it. So It rained all of Friday, but the rest of the time it was sunny and warm (which is rare if you know the Oregon coast). Skip more pointless stuff I finally charged my IPod on Sunday morning as we were leaving, because I figured I could plug it into the truck. If you know apple products you know that after they die they always go to home screen after they turn back on.

The first weird thing was, when I turned it back on for the first time and put in the password, it went straight to the camera roll. I was surprised to see two videos on it. The first one was dated Saturday 9:45 AM. It was completely black, around 40 seconds. The second one dated Friday 9:47 AM. That was odd too. Usually all pictures and videos are in order due to date. Okay getting on to the contents of the video.

Okay the first one, dated on Saturday was around 20 seconds of just crackling. I thought it was rain but onto further inspection all of my family member agreed it sounded more like the squeezing of an empty plastic water bottle. Then suddenly there was a feminine breath in, cut off mid way by a breath out. It sounded happy, if you know what I’m saying. Then it ended abruptly.

The second one was around five seconds. There was a deep breath, very faint, then it ended. Later the videos were accidentally deleted, or else I would show them.

I honestly am more agnostic on the whole paranormal idea, but I have to explanation for this. Do you have any ideas what this could have been?

I just remembered also my dog was acting really weird on that Friday. It was a while ago so I don’t really remember it all. But thank you.

Asked by Dakota

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Hi Dakota,

Just to make sure I understand – your IPod died on Thursday night, and was in the car during the weekend, until you charged it on Sunday, which means it wasn’t you that turned it on on Saturday and recorded the two EVP (electronic voice phenomena).

With my phone, what usually happens, is that when I unlock it it goes to the last app that was open .. which could be the camera. The other day my phone rang one friend twice. I had not rung her for a few days, so there’s no reason for that to happen, but it did. I figure either I needed to talk to her, or her to me .. or that it was a computer glitch in the system.

I cannot explain your IPod recording when its turned off, unless there was a female ghost in your car that tried turning it on twice, and recording .. before the IPod died again.

You have had a remarkable experience, its a great pity the videos were deleted .. but that often happens too .. as if they were only supposed to exist long enough to puzzle us, before they zap themselves out of existence.

Love & Peace

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