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Seeing Yourself While Fully Awake

My daughter saw herself in her rearview mirror of her car while she was driving.  She looked in the mirror and she was in the backseat behind her looking straight ahead. She also said she saw a girl in her car for a moment before she got in it.  She says she also hears someone call her name at night. I think its a spirit guide or guardian angel, I hope I’m right.

My daughter has some mental issues but she is taking medication and working with a therapist for bi-polar disease. Any thoughts?

Asked by Maureen

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Hi Maureen,

Could be an angel, could be a spirit guide, could be someone that just looks very similar. The question is more ‘how does she feel when it happens’ .. happy, sad, warm, cold, frightened, bemused?

Love & Peace

Firstly you mention she sees herself? This could very well be Astral Projection (where one can physically move there body to a different place). As for the girl and her name been called it could very well be a guardian angel, try get some more information out of her

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