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What Was In My Room?

I came in at 4 am and I heard breathing in my room I claimed into bed thinking I was tired and it got louder no animals were in the house and my sisters were fast asleep.

I then felt something crawl onto my bed I defiantly felt the weight of it and I pulled my feet up I was already hiding under the covers and my bed started shaking violently I was so scared I was crying.. An then I heard the screech I had heard before outside of my window (I’ll now explain)

I was having a smoke at the side of the house and heard rustling thought it was a raccoon so I stood up and stared to walk and I heard this ear peircing screechy wailing cry behind me I ran to the porch so I could finish my smoke I felt like I was being watched and then I heard running footsteps towards me and the screaming started again and I dropped my smoke and ran in and locked the door and It was screaming outside of the door, things like this have happened all my life no one believes me.. And I want to know what it is..

Asked by Alexia

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