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Running Away From Supposed Suicide Victims

My girlfriend previously told me a few days ago that she once met a girl in an area where we were walking who told her she was going to kill herself.

Anyway we found a nice spot near by that we’ve been regularly visiting only today she was throwing up there and then passed out on our way back as we passed the place she met this girl, since there was no where to lay her down I put her on my shoulder and was going to take her to the nearest bench.

She woke up and told me to put her down and once I did stared at me and her eyes seemed very dark and had no expression of any emotion in a creepy way she wouldn’t respond to anything I said.

She passed out a second time so this time I just heald her for a second and when she woke up she couldn’t take a first breath so I had to do one cpr to get her breathing again she instantly grabbed my hand and started rushing me away, the area was private and so it was fenced off however we left through a hole in the fence next to the gate which was locked.

Once we were out she looked back at the gate grabbed my hand and started running although I didn’t know what we were running from I knew something wasn’t right.

She then told me that the reason she was freaking out was because she saw lots of faceless people closing in on us telling us “we will kill him”. They were all wearing white dresses and cloaks like the girl who she saw was wearing. and the heads faded into black around the sides.

Thinking about it the last time I was there I got minor heart pains and we went to a different part of the lake that wasn’t private and I climbed a tree and while quite high up slipped although managed to grab onto a branch and just came out with a grazed stomach, I also cut my foot slightly while in the lake.

I’m just asking for a little bit of information on what type of spirit this could be and if they are dangerous in anyway, had I have not believed to have seen a ghost before I would have very much struggled to believe her but I strongly believe in paranormal beings

Asked by Nathan

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Hello Nathan,

If the girl was not high on drugs (which would explain the vomiting, not being able to breathe and passing out), then she was probably an uncontrolled Medium (a person who can see and/or talk to ghosts or spirits) and the beings she could see were definitely ghosts, given their attitude and desire to kill someone. White clothes/dresses (all female?) and white cloaks is not much of a description to go on, but they might have been nurses from a different time period gathered together because ‘they’ were killed together, wanting revenge on anyone (perhaps any male) because of what was done to them.

As to you almost falling out of the tree, I doubt they helped. We can all slip when in a hurry. I am glad you were not seriously hurt .. but why climb a tree in the first place. It would have been better to keep moving.

Did you ever see the girl again? Next time you might take her to a hospital.

Love & Peace
Ama (also a medium who deals with nasty entities)