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Can Temporary ‘Doorways’ Open?

Hello, not sure if this has been asked before but I recently saw something that had me somewhat confused.

I am not sure if ‘doorway’ of spirits travelling through the worlds is the correct term (I don’t have much knowledge in this department) so I apologize if I am wrong.

Anyway, a few nights ago around 10:30pm I was making a drink in the kitchen. It was dark and I had the lights on inside so everything outside the window was black. In my house through the kitchen window, you can see the living door. Opposite the living room door are the stairs. Well, this time when I was making drink, I saw something so incredibly clear I looked up so fast. What I saw was a white figure walk from the bottom of the stairs through the living room door. Wondering what it was, I went into the living room. Nothing (I was the only person home at the time).

This house has never had any paranormal things happen before so I am not sure what happened. I started to wonder if I caught a spirit ‘crossing over’ using that little space as a ‘doorway’.

Again, I apologize if I am using the incorrect terminology but I would really like to know what may have actually caused it.

Does anyone have a reasonable explanation?

Asked by Josh

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Hi Josh,

The word you are looking for is either portal or vortex .. its a doorway, so are mirrors at times.

You may well have seen a ghost or a spirit. People become ghosts after they die, because they do not cross into a healing place that most refer to as some sort of heaven. People become spirits when they cross into that place almost immediately after their bodies die. Spirits won’t necessarily be felt or seen, and they are usually family members who drop in and visit for a moment and then are gone again.

Ghosts, on the other hand, hang around and can make a house feel cold and unhappy, and make the people living there feel that too. Often they don’t mean to, its just that they are very lost and unhappy and tend to spread their feelings around. Ghosts can travel to anywhere now. In the far past they might have been trapped at the site of their death, or other highly charged emotional memory, but these days they just roam around .. so clearing them into heaven is a really good idea. I recommend you read the Michael Invocation, a link to which is at the bottom of this webpage, and clear your home of unseen visitors. There’s more information there too, and on my webpages, which you can access from there.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra