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Portal Ascension And 11:11

Portal Ascension is the 11:11, NOT what people are babbling about on the question Why Am I Always Seeing 11:11?

More of a statement concerning Portal Ascension and the numbers 11:11

After having been in O.T.O. and other such groups, a formal degree in Religious Studies and so forth thru my MA, I can tell most here are not as in the know as I would have hoped. I too have been seeing 11:11 since my early twenties. It stopped and started up at various times in my life when stress seemed most prevalent and I needed to believe, have faith, in something greater than just belief in myself, which is foremost the teaching of the Great Planners’ Wisdom for (all)… To know oneself, to love oneself and to trust (in) oneself, not in God first, as debatable in many circles.

When I began research into the ELEVEN I came upon some books, and learned about portal ascension.

Some here on this forum seem to think you’re on angelic wings or you’re supposed to be making wishes.

I don’t want to burst anyone’s dream bubble, but these are incorrect assumptions and very misleading information.

Should anyone choose to follow my lead, go to an Online Bookstore (or perhaps, my old store I managed, Psychic Eye Book, Sherman Oaks CA) and you will find ALL OF THE BOOKS YOU NEED ON THIS MEANING AND ITS REAL INTERPRETATION, which hopefully will lead you to your own truth, and connection, as a whole, with others who also see this and sense the frequency of 11:11.

There is no 911, and certainly no other combinations. It is ONLY 11:11 and the only person who may have had some intelligent advice relating to Mayan, is also incorrect, but I can relate, I’ve made many mistakes.

However, that said, the first mistake, is looking toward others for a quick and easy answer, and wishing will not make it so… I’m sure it doesn’t hurt, but a true Wiccan or shamanic teacher, will never provide the answers directly to it’s student, and if he/she does, they’re a fraud.

The idea, is a mass collaboration, at the same time, go find your own answers. The books are there, do some digging. And while at it, get involved in learning about the science behind the connection between musical notes, numbers, and letters that operate on ‘frequencies’ beyond our understanding…

And I am certain I come off harsh, double Scorpio girl tends to know more than others in such matters, so trust what you will, and will yourself to do your own learning and take a hint from me, this is a place to start, not well wishing, but honest to G-d hard labor in the art of reading books about this phenomena and the REAL HISTORY behind it…

It’s not what anyone on this forum has suggested so far, only mirrored, broken fragments and pieces…

Thank you if you post this… and best of luck to all who see from within and not from without. Trust in yourself to find the answers!


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Angel Numbers 101 clearly explains how to receive accurate messages from your angels and heavenly loved ones whenever you see repetitive number sequences on telephone numbers, license plates, receipts, clocks, and such.

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Hello Brandine,

Would you like to suggest some books to start people off, rather than having them work through plenty of stuff and nonsense that is otherwise available. I am sure they would appreciate it very much.

Love & Peace

How often do you reply cause I’ve asked two question but no reply and I can’t found my question on here and it doesn’t have bad words. It disappears after i write it too. :/

Who am I writing to? I tend to not post short comments from ‘anonymous’ writers because they might be spam, and we get a lot of spam on this site.

As to the questions: the owner of the site, CareTaker, posts all the questions he receives and I write answers to all of them .. or generally do .. but my husband went to hospital with a very serious illness (3 in fact) and so I have fallen behind. I am catching up slowly, but this site is not the only one I write on, so its taking a little time.

If people want me to answer more quickly, remember to put your name and email address onto the answer page BUT not into the body of the message.

Love & Peace

Could you explain ‘portal ascention’ in simpler terms Brandine Morgan, as your post seems quite baffling to me.

What is portal ascention and, more importantly – why the connection to 11:11?

As for music – I agree, most musicians tend to be mathematically minded rather than language minded. Even more fascinating, music from different ethnic origins use different scales and chord sequences. But, regardless of notation, all music is number related and very accurate in the mathematical sense (divine proportion – phi).

Everything I just wrote disappeared. Oh man. So thank u. I have researched this before but never did I find anything like this. I’ll take this as the the thing I was looking for. I too am of the same horoscope that was referenced, not only that but I don’t want to get in trouble for being personal but my birthday is the first of november. Wow right? I’ve done small research about what being born on that day could mean if anything. But I just was getting results regarding the holiday (for some) it is. But this by far is screaming yes there could be something special. Thank u. Can we please exchange email info. Please.