Hand Shadow

Hey, two nights ago I saw a hand shadow in my room by my bedroom door.

It said something in my right ear, am not quite sure what it said but am certain it sounded like a man and there was no one there!

Asked by lyss

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Hi Lyss,

Sounds like you are a budding medium.

May I suggest two things .. at the bottom of this page is a link to the Michael Invocation, and one to White Light Shields. The Invocation clears your energy, and can be used to clear your home, the White Light Shields .. there are two of them .. keep ghosts out of your energy, and the other keeps them out of your house. Go and read the pages, learn the shields and use them.

Yes, ghosts will talk to us, and try and gain either our fear or our attention, and then they will feed from our energy. It is best that they don’t. The shields help to stop that, and the Invocation is another way of crossing them into heaven.

Love & Peace

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