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My Journey Into Spirit Rescue

Did I ever think, in a million years, that I was destined to become a Spirit Rescuer? Not on your life!! Would I give up this gift given to me? NEVER! Today I write for you the tale of my journey of becoming one of God’s special servants, humbly and willingly aiding in bringing all of God’s children Home.

I’ve always known that I was a bit different; I always felt connected to a higher power, believed in reincarnation at a 5 (until I was conditioned for a while by Catholic teachings that it didn’t exist), was able to astral project at will and always knew there was a world much larger than the one we live on now. I have always known this. I have had a fascination with ghosts and the paranormal from a very early age and never really feared ghosts. I just had a “wonder” for them. I knew they were people who have died and would, for whatever reason, hang around us instead of crossing over. I have always believed in Angels and knew that there is a guardian angel always at our side. My father told me stories of how his Guardian saved his life from a car with an electrical problem that was about to catch fire. Ever since I was a child, I would trust my instincts, without question and never be lead astray by them. I would know, the true nature of person just on my first meeting them. I have always been someone who is guided by my senses. I have always been connected to God and His Angels, knowingly or unknowingly.

I had spent over a year discussing paranormal topics and religious beliefs among a great group of people on a site called True Ghost Tales. I met some amazing people on that site; people who had similar viewpoints as me and others who differed, but we all learned from each other. One person, in particular, taught me a lot about psychic protection and spirit rescue and about our angels and how they are here to guide and protect us. She, her self, is a very special Spirit Rescuer. 😉 She gave me the “tools’ that enabled me to do the things that I am about to share with you; she lead me to the path of Spirit Rescue. Thank you, Ama!

My story begins first, with the rescue of Tony. Tony was a man who had committed suicide in one of the apartments above me. He’d been hanging around for a while and spoke, once, to my daughter saying that he was afraid of ME! My daughter described him as a big man with “funny” shoes. She was 5 at he time. My neighbor upstairs had moved but hadn’t yet turned in the keys because she has a few more items to pick up. That night, I heard footsteps walking across her bedroom floor at about 1;30am. I thought, “This is an odd time for them to come for the rest of their things?!” So I called her the next day and she told me that she, in fact had not been there, so we thought that it was a break in and she decided to come with her fiancé to check on the place and get the rest of her things. I checked around the outside and saw no sign of forced entry and all the doors and windows were locked. I then proceeded to ask my Angels to “Find Tony” and bring him home. I also spoke to Tony and told him to not be afraid of going home, that he will not be judged and that the angels were waiting for him. Right at that moment, I felt a shift in the energy around me and I knew Tony had been taken into healing. All was quiet the rest of the day and has been since. (at least where “Tony” is concerned!)

This next, very special rescue happened just yesterday; a young boy probably about 8 or 9 years old died from anaphylactic shock due to an allergic reaction. In the middle of the night, I heard a knocking at my door at around 3am. There was no one there and I was the only one who heard it because my daughter did not stir. Later that day, a friend of mine had posted this tragic even on Facebook and when I immediately read about it I was flooded with this uncontrollable sorrow and I began to sob. I then began, as if on instinct, to speak to my Michael Angel, and ask Him to find this boy and bring him home, but I also spoke to my Raphael and asked them to wrap their arms around the boy and give him healing and also to bring healing to the boys family. I spoke to the little boy and told him that it I know he doesn’t want to leave his mother and father, but that it was okay to go with the Angels because they were going to show him so much love. The whole time I did this, I did not stop crying; I couldn’t. I kept saying, “Shhh! Baby, it will be okay!” The waves of emotions flowing through me were incredible and extremely powerful. I felt the grief of the boy, but also the overwhelming Love of the Angels. It’s an experience I won’t soon forget. I felt the sorrow of the boy not wanting to leave his grieving parents behind and I felt all the Love the Angels were surrounding him with. It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I KNOW with absolute certainty that that boy is in the hands of God and His Angels now, and he is safe and being cared for in a way only the Angels can care for him. Being part of that profoundly wonderful event has changed me forever, and I know that boy will return, one day, when his parents are less grieving and let them know he is alright. The only words I can come up with to describe what happened to me, are incredible, overwhelming and overpowering. The Angels are amazing and the gift we are given to be able to work with them is a Truly amazing blessing!! I will cherish this forever in my heart!!

Peace, Love and Light. Luna Terra

by Luna Terra

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Truly amazing. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your story with us Luna. There is no time or distance when a sympathetic heart reaches out to someone who could become ‘lost’.

Thank you for helping him (them actually),
Love & Peace

Hi Luna, and thank you for sharing with us the path you have chosen and your experiences.

Unlike you, I’m rarely ‘willing’ – lol! Indeed, I often refer to myself as the ‘Jonah’ of spiritualism. It simply happens, like a bolt of lightning from the heavens, but curiously it is always at the point in which I seem to be in the thick of it, so have to think on my feet to resolve whatever has been thrust upon me.

Even the events in which I started on my journey was unwilling – documented in Book Of Trinity. I was most certainly the unwilling student then!! But I did learn a lot from the experience (admittedly, I would have prefered to have been ‘absent from class’ at the time) that has helped me deal with situations I’ve found myself in since. For that I am grateful, for it was because of that experience that I found God.

I think that is why earth-bounds seek me out – because I don’t actively seek them out before they are ready. Ghosts often just ‘pop in’ unexpectedly, but it is always when they are ready to move on. So, I take their hand and show them the way. Some ask questions beforehand, others simply want to move on without question. Actually, it always gives me a lovely warm feeling as I watch them reconnect to the God source.

Helping the lost to find their way back home is certainly one of the nicer aspects of my job here.


it sort of felt like a “bolt of lightning” hit me!! LOL! The attachment to the boy was immediate and I was prompted, as if on instinct to call out to my Angels and find and take the boy Home. The waves of emotion took over me and I think part of the reason I cried so much was because it was too much emotion for my physical body to hold, especially the Angel energy; that was the most powerful. I felt the love and began to cry harder and told the boy that it was okay to go with the Angels because they were going to show him so much love; I knew this because I felt it. Heavenly Love is more powerful that human love, and yes, Ama, I did feel the “acceptance” and it was an amazing thing!

We cry because our hearts are opened and all that love just tumbles through us. It’s very healing for both the receiver and the ‘channel’.

When I do angel readings for people they often burst into those same tears, as the angels ‘touch their hearts’, by the choice of the person receiving the reading. They suddenly feel ‘woken up’. Lovely!

Love & Peace

It WAS a healing experience!!! For days after I felt this sort of Peace surrounding me. I felt content with my place in the world and am still in amazement of what I was able to do. A couple of days after I rescued the boy, I was grocery shopping and had to put a few things back because I did not have enough with me to pay the whole bill. It wasn’t a big deal to me because I always over estimate my grocery spending, so I paid for the food I did keep and was about to leave when the cashier said to me, “The woman over there wants to pay for the groceries that you put back.” I was overcome with her kindness and felt a need to pay forward her gesture when I have the means to do so! It felt as if I was receiving a “Thank you” for rescuing the boy, even though no “thanks” were necessary for me; it was a service I was happy to provide for the child and his family. It’s amazing the kindness that is truly out there!!It keeps one believing in the good of the world. People like that really let their God’s Light shine through!

That’s lovely Luna. That’s how karma works .. do a good dead, receive good in return. 🙂

What is good for one, is good for so many others as well. The lady receives ‘good for good’ too, the happiness of anyone who watched the transaction brings happiness towards them too ..

Love & Peace

AJ says: “Helping the lost to find their way back home is certainly one of the nicer aspects of my job here”.

I agree. I love my ‘job’ too. 🙂

Love & Peace