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My Daughter Talks About A Scary Man And Little Girl What Should I Do?

My step kids have been through a lot in their life with their mother and her boyfriend. My daughter talks about a man that is scary all the time and a little girl they love to play with.

When they are gone for their visitation with there mother, I always wash their sheets and clean their closet and room. They are 5 and 3 by the way.

I have physically seen toys be tossed down the hallway and their room a disaster after I have cleaned it.

They say the girl is nice and she is bigger but she is a kid. I am not quite sure what to think of it.

We also have this little mantel thing that has 2 crosses on it and one says love and one says faith. The faith one always turns sideways and the other never moves. It has actually almost fallen off. It always seems to move when we are really stressed or upset. I’m not sure what to think about this either.

Can you give me some advice as to what I should do?

I am worried about the scary man that me and my husband have also seen and we have heard. The little girl we hear cry and laugh sometimes. The cross, I just don’t even know. It’s all just very strange. Thanks in advance and I look forward to talk more with you!

Asked by Jessica Howe

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Jessica, my little great grandaughter was going through a time that she had secret friends and playmates. My grandaughter thought that she was going through a childhood thing and would outgrow it, but one time when she visited me, she said that there was two scary looking men in my house and one of them was broken. I don’t know what she ment by that? I had some activity in my home at that time, but we never talked about it in front of her.
I think some children are more open to pysic powers when they are little than we adults.


Hi Nancy,

Did you ever find out what was ‘broken’ on the ghost your granddaughter saw? He was probably still living within the experience of his death .. and could have been twisted right out of shape.

You are right about kids being more ‘connected’ when they are young. For the first seven years young children are more ‘spirit’ than ‘physical’. After the age of seven they are finally firmly settled in their bodies, or should be, and get on with their lives. They often start growing out of their ‘gifts’ about then, but they might come back at puberty.

Love & Peace

Ama, No I didn’t, but when she was visiting here last summer, she told her Mom that visiting grandma’s house scared her. It really upset me, so I asked why and she said it was the Indian pictures that I had in my house. Since she was here the time before,I have gotten rid of my Indian pictures,because I changed my Furniture to modern decor and got rid of my southwestern decor. I asked her if it was the one I had over my mantel of the old Indian man holding a child and she said no, it was the ones I had under my bed. I had some old Indian prints that I bought and was going to frame, but decided not to and threw them away. One of them was of an Indian medicine man, but I didn’t think any of them were scary.She seemed to relaxe the last time here, so I didn’t want to ask her about the two men.
My grandaughter now says that she doesn’t talk about her secret friends anymore and she is seven, so I think she might have outgrown that phase of her life.

Hello Jessica,

You know, when the kids messed up their bedrooms I would go in and quietly ask them to clean it up again. We weren’t haunted at that stage, and it usually didn’t work with the living .. but its still worth a try with the child ghost. 🙂

Have you swapped the crosses to see if the location of the faith one is significant, rather than the word? Perhaps one of the ghosts doesn’t have any faith, or wishes s/he did? Perhaps the cross is moving itself, in that the mantel is not even and stuff can shift because of outside movement (cars in the street, loose floor boards). I tend to look for ordinary explanations before I go for the extraordinary ones. And perhaps your ghost is trying to remind you guys to have a little ‘faith’ in things, particularly when everyone is cranky.

In the meantime, don’t like leaving ghosts haunting, because their energy is not good for the living, and they are lost souls, so you could ask the minister of your local church to come and bless the house, in hopes of crossing the ghosts into heaven. Most churches have stopped denying that ghosts exist now, which makes it easier for people to get help.

If that is not suitable, at the bottom of this page is the Michael Invocation, which clears the energy of people and houses .. follow the link and read the page, and if you have any questions, you can ask them here, or via an email to me from the site.

Love & Peace

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