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My 2 Year Old Grandson Says He Sees Ghosts

Our Grandson just turned 2 less than a week ago, and while having his bath time tonight, and out of no where, looked at my Daughter-in-law and clear as a bell said to her “Mommy, I see Ghosts”

What is odd is that we don’t know how he would even know what a ghost is, and that if he is seeing something, that it is called a ghost!

There are only a few toddler programs on TV that his parents put on for him (Paw Patrol, Toopy and Binoo and maybe a couple of other similar ones) and some Movies like Nemo, which to the best of our recollections don’t have any Ghost’s in them. His parents, or other family members also don’t watch paranormal/ghost shows, or even talk about the subject, so it isn’t something he heard from anyone either.

We don’t really know what to think, but all agree that it is a very strange thing for him to say, and wonder if he really is seeing “ghosts”, or if it just a word he used without knowing what it meant. He does have a good vocabulary, but like any 2 year old, it can also still be hard to understand what he is saying at times, but this comment was very clear.

I would like to know other peoples opinions, and how to know if he really is seeing ghosts?  What should we say to him if he says anything like this again? He doesn’t seem to be scared, so we don’t want to say something that will scare him. If he really does see ghosts, then what do we need to do to help him, etc.?

Thank you for your help

Asked by Charlotte

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Hi Charlotte,

Well, you might be relieved to know that your grandson is not unusual, lots of children his age see ghosts, and lots of ghosts know they are ghosts, trapped outside of heaven by their own choice, rather than spirits, who crossed over when they died and come back to visit family and those they love, once in a while.

As to discussing it with him? Knowing 2 year old chatterboxes, he’s more likely to discuss it with you. When he brings the subject up, ask him who the ghost is, what it/he/she looks like, and what the being is doing. What you can then do is use the information to help clear the ghost into healing, in which case your grandson might say he can see angels too.

Under pages below there is a link to the Michael Invocation which you will see can be used to clear your home, or anywhere else, e.g. the supermarket (ghosts are everywhere). Read it and learn it, or the quicker version ‘Archangel Michael, please Find the ghost my grandson just saw (or said looked like …. or was doing whatever .. you decide how to describe the ghosts) .. and Take it into healing”. The Find command gives the angels permission to go to the ghost and say hi and put their hand on their ghosts shoulder, and it remain there until they both cross over.

Small children are still very much connected to the spiritual planes until after their 7th birthday (year on earth, so yes, they see ghosts and spirits and angels and elementals (nature spirits such as fairies). And some of them, like me, keep seeing them all their lives. 🙂

Love & Peace

Hi Ama,
Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to my question.
Since posting my question, my grandson has only mentioned ghosts once or twice. My daughter-in-law asked him what the ghosts name was and he said “Uncle Don”. Turns out my daughter-in-law did have an Uncle Don that passed away just before or shortly after my grandson was born, so he didn’t know him and my daughter-in-law tells me her family don’t use the term “Aunt” or “Uncle”, they call them by their first names, so Uncle Don would have just been called Don. She also told me they showed him a picture of Don and and my grandson immediately blurted out. “That’s Uncle Don”!!!!. So maybe it was a visit from Uncle Don. I’m definitely going to check out the webpages you recommended and if he shoukd bring it up again I will have some information to refer to
Thanks again, you have been very helpful 😄

Hi Charlotte,

Don may have identified himself as your grandson’s ‘uncle’ to prove his position in your family, regardless of whether the family uses the titles or not. I would still suggest the brief Michael Invocation, just to make sure Don is not a ghost. Our families in spirit do come and visit us, particularly the children. My grandmother, who died 8 years before I was born, stayed around me until I was 29 .. she was a normal ‘visitor’ for me, but she was a ghost. She crossed over when she was happy with my life. I remember grieving for her as if she had just died .. I am sure she’s still keeping her eyes on everyone, because she loves us.

Love & Peace