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Loud Bang And Intense light

First time posting bout anything like this, and I hope someone can help with it.

In May 2010 me and my partner and 2 kids moved to a house in Northern Ireland.

To me the house was old and Victorian.

One night me and my partner were woke up by a massive bang on our bedroom door and it instantly made us afraid. I mean the door nearly came off.  After a while we got back to sleep but thought about it next day.  Next night a loud bang this time inside the room bottom of the bed.
Bedside lamps blinking like mad.

Freaked out. This has happened to me as a child and I was petrified.

My partner worked night shifts and one night 3 weeks later  the biological father or my partner kids committed suicide.

He called my partner to say he was going to do it and hung up.

At this point 1am loud bang on bedroom door light blinking and I rang my partner to say I’ve had it with this house. I was afraid.

At this point she shouted at me to say that she had her ex on the phone and didn’t need this shit at 1am while at work.

I apologised and went up to check on kids.  I went in room and all was OK. Went into room next to lids and I saw the hall light brighten up so bright that it made the hall totally white/yellow and the light bulb blew out and I  turbed around to face the hall. swear I saw the light decrease in intensity to a ball of light which just puffed out.

I was frozen with fear.

My mobile then rang and it was my partner and I was shouting what happened before she screamed that then kids Dad committed suicide 5 minutes ago !!!

Please could anyone help me with this. I know it sounds crazy but it truly happened.

Catholic priest came and admired the Victoria front door with the number 6 in old stained glass.

Blessed house but we moved

Still feel followed

Thanks All.
Asked by Martin

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Hello Martin,

I am very sorry to hear about the man who committed suicide, but I do not think he was your ghost.

First things first thought .. scroll to the bottom of this webpage and follow the link through to the Michael Invocation and use it to clear your energy, and that of your children. Your partner will have to clear herself. Then, if you are still feeling followed, it might be your imagination. The Invocation is very effective.

Next .. the spook that was trying to frighten you has no manners. Ghosts are still the people they thought they were before they died, and if they don’t cross into heaven they begin to feed on human energy, fear energy in most cases, so the more frightened you felt, the better it did. That’s why they should all be removed from the earth plane. They don’t belong here, and they have better things to do than hang around haunting people. And yes, the light orb may well have been your ghost. I probably would have told it not to be an ass and just go away, but then, we get haunted quite a lot around here. Think of it as a rude person .. the Michael Invocation will remove it to a healing place, to learn some manners. You can use it on your home as well, past and current. The priests blessing of the house is nice, although it can be a struggle to get them even to attend a haunting.

I really do love old houses, but sometime the previous residents haven’t moved on yet, so we help them.

You are not crazy. This is the reality for hundred’s of thousands of people. Ghosts and spirits are real, its just often better not to have to deal with them.

Love & Peace