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Knocking On Door And Hearing Voices

Just a few nights ago I heard a loud rapid knocking on my front door around 4am. My bedroom is on the second floor so I peaked out my window and didn’t see anyone. My parents bedroom is downstairs only a few feet away from the front door and didn’t hear a thing. I brushed it off and went to bed.

Few weeks later I heard 2 knocks on my bedroom door in the middle of the night…and not shortly after almost a week later and I hear 2 slow knocks on my bedroom again. I’m not afraid, and I didn’t think it’s the death knock or bad luck like the dream books say… But I’m not sure why I’m the only one hearing it and why it went from my front door downstairs to now my bedroom door upstairs.

My mom says it’s my grandpa visiting since we use to share my room when I was a kid and he was alive. She thinks because we are remodeling our entire house he just wants to visits to say he likes the remodel, it could be her just trying to make me feel safe, not sure why he would need to know since he is obviously always welcomed home. Kinda weird idk.

I’m scared because I often find myself waking up to someone talking to me while I’m sleeping… This happens a lot but not recently. The voices would sound like my parents but like I said we sleep on two different floors and my doors locked and closed.. As I wake the voices fade away. Sounds silly but the voice were having very deep and casual conversations with me.

Seems like when I start bringing these experiences up they stop for a while. Lived in this same house since I was 10 and honestly always had very interesting experiences in my room only.

Should I talk to a physchic/medium or a doctor? Or both?

Asked by Simon

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Hi Simon,

Sometimes a room can be haunted and the rest of the house left alone. Sometimes a person can be haunted, and no one else in the family has experiences .. because the person, in this case you, has a strong psychic gift called ‘clairvoyance’ (clear sight) or in your case perhaps ‘clairaudience’ (which means clear hearing), so you hear things that others don’t.

When we sleep our spirit’s go out of our bodies and visit friends and family, both living and those who have crossed over. Often, when its near time to wake up, we wander back to our bodies, with our friends or family following, having a chat to the last minute, and we slip back inside and the last thing we hear as we take control of our bodies again, and physically wake up, is the last of the conversation we were having with the friends. That’s normal. The gift is called ‘astral travelling’. You can research it anywhere on the net.

As to the banging doors – its a phenomena that is growing that seems to have no message behind it, except to startle the living so that the ghosts can draw a feed from their feelings, usually fear, and move on. Think of it as a nuisance. Don’t invite anyone in. And tell them to go away, if you want to. “Not today”, as if it was a travelling salesman knocking on the door.

I know the frustration of being the only sensitive (clairaudient etc) person in the house, thankfully my husband is gifted too. Anyone wants to knock around here, and it has happen, gets a door opening straight into heaven. Right where all ghosts should be.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

Am having serious spiritual problem, anytime i render a help to someone, he will turn out to be my worst enemy. He or she will hate me. The person will start to accuse me of bewitching them. When my brother died people said that i killed him, while am the one that cared for him till his death. My sister also said that i caused her mental problem and started to avoid me. And other strange things pls i need help.

Hello Charles,

You do good for others and it backfires. Does it always happen? Or do you try too hard and people become uncomfortable and then have to back away?

As to bewitching someone? What is it you are supposed to do to create that? What society do you live in that believes that you can, or that you would harm your brother? As for your sister – she has mental problems, so blaming you for them might just be a way for her to cope with them. Perhaps it is for the best that she keep her distance, for your sake. For that matter, can you leave the situation you are in and go and live somewhere else and start again?

At the bottom of this webpage is a link to the Michael Invocation. Follow it through and say the Invocation for yourself, and then perhaps for your whole family as a group. If something is haunting you, that should take care of it. Otherwise, what are the strange things that are happening that you have not mentioned yet?

Love & Peace

Thank you so much Ama, for that wonderful comment. I have started praying the Michael invocation, and also moved to another location far away from my home town. Some of the Strange things that are happening to me are as follows, I felt things before it happens. There was a day I was travelling by car and i felt it will have an accident and it happened the next few minutes, someone drugs my food and i felt that something is inside it and refused to eat, he later came and confess. I went a friends house and the wife had a miscarriage within few days i stayed with them. I also went to another friend place, and the same thing nearly happened, is only by God grace that the baby survived, because i prayed. The one that marvels me most is, when ever i check time is always the same numbers like, 04:04, 05:05, 12:12. Pls am sorry for my English.

Hi Charles,

It is unlikely that you were responsible for either woman’s miscarriages, unless you did some physical to each individual. Neither do I actually think you were responsible for the life of the second child, though I do believe in the power of prayer and it is possible.

Being able to sense things is precognizance, which means knowing something before it happens. It works as you described .. for events and for interference in food etc.

As to seeing the same numbers everywhere .. mine are 222, 444 and sometimes 555. They appear everywhere. I never worry about it. We are all surrounded by angels and other loving beings, have challenges in life and sometimes it can feel like a rollercoaster. That’s life.

I am glad you have moved to a new location, so let go of the past and try and convince yourself that you do not have the power of life and death over everyone, and just settle down and make new friends. We are all entitled to new beginnings. I hope this is a very happy one for you.

Love & Peace