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Light / Flame Rings In The Forest?

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Okay so I’ve tried to research this on my own and I’m unable to come up with anything related to this phenomenon.

A few weeks ago myself and a few of my closest friends were in Northern Pennsylvania staying at one of the guy’s family cabin. We have a steel target set up about 50-60 yards from the front porch and my best friend and I were shooting at it with BB guns after dark.

As we were taking turns shooting a bright orange ring of light appeared to the left of the target. It was completely stationary and lasted long enough for me to turn around and see if one the other guys was playing with a flashlight or something. No one was. Then it faded away.

At first I thought maybe it was a spark from hitting something metal but there was only the steel target and it was a missed shot (there’s a distinctive ping when you hit the target) My friend and I didn’t say anything at first thinking it was our imaginations then we both looked at each other and said “Did you see that!?” at the same time and we both described the same thing.

We walked up the hill to the target and couldn’t find any logical answer. We then spent several minutes trying to purposely miss the target to replicate what we saw. My friend then saw it again in a different spot and described it as being a different color, this time bright yellow.

Now bear in mind that we were on a private mountain, we were the only ones up there for miles. I understand that this may not be paranormal at all but I can’t find an explanation and I can’t stop thinking about it. It may be worth mentioning that He and I have seen several strange things together over the years.

Any information is appreciated. Thank you!

Asked by Neil D.


  1. July 4, 2020 at 3:59 pm



    Hi there Neil,

    Was it anything like this circle?

    https : //en . wikipedia . org/wiki/Heroes_(season_3)#/media/File:Heroes_Season_3 . png

    (i put spaces in between, copy and paste if this is allowed on the website)

    I just saw a flash of light here too above me and it was white and it was a males voice and it felt quite negative and pretending to be “of the Light”.

    Can you describe to us how it felt emotionally to see it?

    I think you may have a ghost playing tricks on you.

    Around the time the knocks began, it started with me- an odd surge of ghosts in elementary school trying to annoy us and the schoolchildren in the middle of class, especially me, as little lights and then fairies at the same time. It went dormant until later it came back with my gift of clairvoyance and precognition. Then the lights and orbs came around orbs of color with rings like yours, just, a ball of light and from my mind and outwardly.

    How much energy was being exerted in these mountains with you and your friend? If you both have a connection that is psychic, or, negative, or, unhealthy, it can cause negative energy to build up and with your thoughts, you can attract those types of beings like ghosts that are not good for you. They will trick you and leave you thinking you saw something miraculous until you go insane trying to figure it out. It was going on to me. I saw the pattern.

    I say this because humans work by recognizing patterns. I learned this in psychology books and science books and regular books. Native American weaving patterns show this, it shows we recognize the web of life. It goes in the pattern that WE can see. Not what every other living thing can.

    So, I saw my ball of bright light and it did not feel positive. It keeps me up at night and ever since then my sleep has been so bad, I lost friends, I lost the trust of my therapists and doctors, and myself even, and I feel so alone right now.

    Im just telling you- trust your intuition. If you think just for a moment, that somethings up, then trust yourself. Listen to that still voice within. You’ll make it.

  2. January 27, 2015 at 3:35 pm

    Ama Nazra


    Hi Neil,

    A bright orange/yellow ring of light .. like a hoop? Perfectly round? Where you looking at it straight on, or did it appear to be lying down? What was the weather like? Was there a mist? Were there any roads near you? Car noises? What other logical explanations did you try to come up with? Did the ring appear to have a dark outer edge, and the centre might have been a bit coloured, or was it a ring .. and what is the comment in the title about the ‘flame’ about? Please describe it more clearly.

    Love & Peace

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