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Is There Something In My House?

Ok so I know people can sometimes have moments of ‘deja vu’ and see a tiny second of something in the future. I have small moments like these except there is ALWAYS something hovering above me and it looks terrifying.

If I was sitting in my room then the thing was white but if I’m anywhere else in my house its black. I thought it was a kind of guardian, but now I have horrible nightmares all resulting in my death.

Is there something in my house causing this or am I just being paranoid?

Asked by Amanda

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Hello Amanda,

It sounds like you might be being haunted. The other thought is do you watch a lot of horror movies? That can also open our minds to nightmares, as we retain everything we see, hear, sense and smell all day, and then our subconscious mind runs through the images when we are sleeping, and can give them back to us in nightmares, particularly if we are worried about something.

Dreaming of death, or dying, usually means a big change in life, rather than a real death .. but a frightening dream induced by an outside entity happens because the entity feeds on negative emotions which they steal from living people.

At the bottom of this webpage is the Michael Invocation. Read the page and use the Invocation to clear your energy. If you are being haunted then that should fix the problem, and hopefully the nightmares. And to help protect you, there is also a link to White Light Shields at the bottom of this page. I suggest you learn them and use them as well, to help you sleep better, if nothing else.

Love & Peace

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