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Muslim Haunting Maybe?

I need some information and or advice, because this is starting to concern me quite a lot.

I’ve never in the two years I’ve been renting this apartment really experienced anything “wow” or something to indicate that there IS a haunting, however, please hear me out and give me your opinion on the matter.

So first experience that stands out (that I can remember) was one night when I woke up with either the blankets spinning round my feet (only the bottom part of the blanket though) or I might have been dreaming and woke up during a random dream-running session. I cant really say, but that was the first such experience I’ve had.

Now, here is the strange part. Every so often, while walking through the house I’ll get a very brief smell of incense. I’d reverse, but wont smell it again.

So a couple of weeks ago, I poured me and my girlfriend some liquor (aged brandy) and it tasted funny. It had a flowery taste to it, almost like incense. Opened another bottle and got the exact same taste from that one as well. I figured maybe it went off due to heat or whatever reason.

Tonight we decided to make us some pizza. We used cubed bacon from my deep-freeze (box freezer) and another packet from the fridge which was purchased on Saturday (different stores and different brands). Both tasted as perfect as bacon should when we first used it, but now it seems like both went off; even the one that was frozen. What is really concerning is that they also have a incense taste to them and it kind of burns your throat.

I don’t know whether there is something paranormal to this (which will be a rather concerning matter) or whether it is just random coincidence. Oh and the other night my bedroom light went on by itself just as we were walking down the passage (could be bad wiring). Also, although my house is very clean and open, there is always LOTS of flies in the house and not only in areas where food is kept.

I apologize for the rambling of random information. Please see if you can make sense of it all.

Kind regards

Asked by Ian

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Hi Ian,

I am not sure what incense has to do with Muslims. I know plenty of Christian people who use it, and more new agers .. and some some athiests. It is good for cleansing the air and giving the house a nice scent.

Food doesn’t usually go off when frozen. I am wondering what is happening to your taste buds and if you’ve had your health checked recently? Is your girlfriend experiencing the same weird flavours and smells?

As far as the light turning on, old wiring might do that .. or you might have a ghost.

I suggest you use the Michael Invocation (link at the bottom of this page) to clear your home and see if the ‘funny taste/smell’ persists. If it does, go and see a doctor. There are some illnesses that can make strange changes to body chemistry .. and that might be what is happening.

Love & Peace

Hi Ama
I am fit and in perfect health, and so is my girlfriend. The change of taste in the food and alcohol is permanent. I still have a bottle at home, which I had a friend taste (same results). The Muslim part came in when my friend (who is Muslim) jokingly said that I might have a Muslim haunting since all the items that went bad are items not to be consumed according to the Muslim religion.

As for the wiring; I also believe it may be the cause of the light turning on/off by itself since it is a very old house. But then again, the house is built in an area in Cape Town where lots of people have died (very long time ago) so I suppose it won’t hurt being careful of these things.
For interest sake, please tell me. Do you believe ghosts can get smarter over time? Move on with time and technology as we do?

I do apologise if my English is a bit below par (It is my 3rd language, so I’m still learning)

Hi again,

Ghosts don’t get ‘smarter’ Ian, but they do get cleverer, more protective, more hungry and more angry, if they have been dead for a long time. It’s better not to have ghosts around, for the sake of the good health (mental and physical) of the living. They drain the energy from our bodies, and can influence our behaviour to start doing what they did when they were alive (eg a drug addict might encourage a drug-addicted person to take drugs to feed both of their habits). Ghosts wrap a bubble of emotion around themselves, caused by whatever stopped them crossing over. The majority of those I have talked to don’t know what year it is, or where they are (were found), they think they are still in the same place as where they lived or died. Once we break them from the bubble they might touch reality before we cross them into healing .. but I don’t let them hang around long. It’s too confusing, for them.

Love & Peace

Hi Ian

Jews also abstain from eating pork and, although they are permitted to drink alcohol, it HAS to be Kosher.

7th day Adventist’s, like Islam, abstain from both eating pork and drinking alcohol.

Religious customs are fascinating, especially when you think that most Christian-based religions don’t abstain from eating pork, whilst the older and younger religions that also consider Abraham to be the ‘father’ of their belief system (Judaism and Islam) DO abstain from pork.

I wonder why that is?


I think we can lay that choice on the teachings of ‘Paul’ in the bible, AJ. He changed the kosher rules to separate the Christians from the Jews. Jesus would have been kosher, given he wasn’t a Christian.

Stray thoughts,
Love & Peace

So, they turned their backs on something deemed to be Godly (inc Jesus’ way) just to be different – ok!

Doesn’t explain why Muslim’s don’t eat port – Mohammed’s wife was supposedly a Christian???

Or, did he think it wrong to ‘take away’ what was originally considered sacred (or, had mystical connotations?)

I do like to question all the ‘red tape’ wrapped around different beliefs – lol! Mostly it’s nothing more than keeping the believers ‘in their place’ (although, I can see why eating pork in a hot country without any way of storing it safely could pose health risks.)


Of course, I meant; Pork ……… not ‘Port’. haha! Not a bad exchange though …. The Jew’s wouldn’t say “No” to a bit of Port, provided it’s Kosher. LOL!


Don’t eat things with cloven hooves (split toes) .. its in the bible. Old Testament .. Qur’an came from there. Here’s a quote from an Islam page ..

“In practical terms, this means that Muslims have some limited restrictions on what they can eat. The general principle is that all types of food and drink are permissible, except for those which are specifically prohibited in the Qur’an and the sayings of the prophet Muhammad (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). The basic restrictions relating to food are mentioned in the following passage of the Qur’an:

“Forbidden to you [for food] are: dead meat, blood, the flesh of swine, and that upon which a name other than Allah has been invoked; that which has been killed by strangling, or by a violent blow, or by a headlong fall, or by being gored to death; that which has been [partly] eaten by a wild animal, unless you are able to slaughter it [before it dies]; and that which is sacrificed on stone (altars)” [The Qur’an: Al-Ma’idah 5:3]”

It’s a little mysticism with a little ‘don’t poison yourself’ as you said.

I love digging holes in this stuff too. 🙂

Love & Peace

It’s funny isn’t it Ama how, when it suits Christian’s and Muslim’s alike, they will look to the OT to back up an argument, but then ignore other parts of ‘importance’, as if it’s not relevant to God/Allah nor them.

Pork is the only meat that cannot be eaten by Muslims at all. All other food and drink, provided it has been prepared in accordance with Halal (including all other cloven-hooved animals), is permitted. So, they don’t follow the OT teaching either.

It doesn’t really explain why the Christian religion turned it’s back on Kosher altogether – whether “Paul’s” or anyone else’s idea. Considering Jesus allegedly possessed a load of piggies with demon’s, and then drove them over the cliff, you might argue that piggies, at least, would still have deemed unfit for human consumption??


I think hypocritical is a better description, AJ .. being pedantic here .. Jesus didn’t drive the pigs off the cliffs, they drove themselves.

I don’t see the point of that story – given that the pigs will drown, the demons will be freed. They can’t drown, they don’t breathe, so why do it? Sounds like the demons set themselves free .. and would then get back to the business of possessing people. Why did Jesus take pity on the demons and ‘not send them out of the country'(Mark 5:10) or back to hell, or to the fiery pit? (Hmm.. God loves all its creations …).

What annoys me about some Christians, and some Muslims that I have met, and received lectures from, is when they say they focus on God’s love, and then quote the nasty things God is going to do to me for not believing what they believe. LOL Jeremiah, to me, will always be a bullfrog .. but the Jeremiah in the bible (I just flipped my book open at the chapter without trying) reads ‘cursed be anyone who does not head the words of this covenant, which I commanded your ancestors when I brought them out of the land of Egypt …”. (Jeremiah 11:3-4) The land of milk and honey (11:5)is now full of rage and thunder, and trying to expand its boundaries into other people’s territories, by killing off the populace .. do they justify it through the bible? There is precedent. Jehovah did say “that is your land, go and conquer/kill (eg Exodus 17:14) the inhabitants (Canaanites, Hittites, Amorites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jesusites) because I don’t like them” (paraphrasing).

Perhaps you are right, it is about the demons in the pigs. Personally, I feel sorry for the pigs .. they are God’s creatures too, so why punish them with possession and death? And Paul, he was just trying to separate the Christians from the Jews given that the practises of each faith were so similar (not unexpected since Jesus was an Israelite).

Great topic,
Love & Peace

I’ve had very little dealings with pigs but, a boyfriend I had years ago lived with on a small-holding.

Amongst other livestock, he had a sow who, when I met her for the first time, she’d just had her piglets. Once that sow had come up to me, had a sniff and a back scratch, she was satisfied I would not hurt her babies and so, I was allowed to interact with her babies.

I was there, playing with those piglets for hours ……. forgot all about my boyfriend. LOL!

Moral of this story? Pigs a beautiful, intelligent creatures. And largely mis-understood. There’s not many new mothers so willing to put trust in a complete stranger, when it comes to their new-borns.

Besides, I’m rather partial to a bit of roast pork and crackling 😀


Hmm… I like roast pork and cracking myself. 🙂 And my mother owned a pig that she raised from a piglet. Even when it way too big (enormous) it still wanted to sit in her lap for a cuddle. Eventually it ended up in the freezer, but for a long time it used to follow her around.

Pigs are lovely animals, and very intelligent, and Prunella often made me think about become vegetarian.

Love & Peace

Hi Ian

Muslim’s do not believe in ghosts or reincarnation so the ‘raising of the dead’ (ie ghosts) is not a concept that is part of their beliefs or teachings.

What Islam teachs is that the Jinn / Djinn (fire) ‘walk’ amongst humans (earth) and we both cohabite the earth. Both were made by Allah, along with the angels (air). As such in Muslim mythology, a mischievous Jinn / Djinn could ‘pretend’ to be a ghost, I suppose, to fool you.

You could say the Pagan interpretation of a Jinn / Djinn is an earth elemental – ie gnome, fairy, goblin’s etc. Both the Jinn / Djinn and earth elementals are considered to be just like us – some good, some bad, most a bit of both.

As far as Islam is concerned, although incense is not used during Islamic worship, it is used throughout the Islamic world to remind the believers of the rewards of righteous believers in Paradise.

Olive tree leaves are also burnt as incense in some Muslim Mediterranean countries.

If you are experiencing a haunting, there is nothing in your post to suggest a Muslim ghost, parse. If it is a ghost, I doubt it would one that specifically followed the Islamic faith.

That said, the strange tastes and smells may well be medical based so worth checking out as well as the supernatural.


From what you are saying I would like to know what kind of perfume you are using the reason that I am asking this that some and most really is very strong and will linger for a long period of time and will even soak into your foods. The food from the freezer does not have this taste until it is gotten out in the open in the living spaces with the different smells and it is soaking up the taste. Also one other thing is the cleaning products that may be being used as well. What do you use to wash the dishes and clean the stove things of that such. You need to try and change the cleaning products and see if that makes a different. When cleaning the inside of the oven if it is a self cleaning one then just let it do the cleaning and don’t add any thing with it then just scrap out what ever is left and and use nothing inside it if you need to then use nothing but soap and water then heat the oven on broil mode and the will knock the smell out of the soap. It really does sound like some thing of this sort. I hope Ama and myself has helped you out let us know if this helps because if it the reasoning’s that I am giving then you are poisoning yourselves.

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