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Is My Father Or Someone Else Following Me?

I moved from New Orleans when I was about 10 years after hurricane Katrina, shortly after my father died in our hotel room (I was in bed with him).

First house in Alabama was normal for first 2 months. After that I would start having weird dreams every night about death or things that would happen in the future. I would float over my bed (so I thought), I would be awake but not able to move, and I finally I would be walking around my house doing normal things only to come back to my bedroom to see my self still asleep in bed.

Also around the house I would feel as though I was being watched, lights would turn on and off, things would not be in their right place, like just little things wrong nothing crazy.

We moved again a few years later, dreams stopped and all the other weird stuff stopped. But after about 2 months it all started again.

Since then I have moved out of my mothers house and have had 3 different apartments. The same thing has happened at each of them. It’s just starting at my new place. The dreams are back, a knife flew off my kitchen counter into the sink. I turned on my shower and when it started to steam up the mirror said “boo” and santra or something like that, and finally lights being off when I know I left them on.

So I guess my question is my father following me? or something else?

Asked by Angelique

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Hello Angelique

Would your father toss a knife, or knock it off a counter? Or watch you in the shower? Doesn’t sound like a father to me, just a pain in the butt trickster who should know better.

It could be that you are moving from haunted location to haunted location, or it could be that a ghost is following you around, ever since your father died .. perhaps, if he was buried, the trickster and you connected in the cemetery, or he was just drawn by your emotions at the time.

The answer is to send the entity into heaven. It’s called ‘crossing them over’ and it can be done in many ways. My favourite two are – to ask your angels to help:

“Archangel Michael, please find the entity that is hanging around trying to get my attention, and take it into healing” .. you can say ‘heaven’ instead, if you want to. It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe in angels, heaven or anything else .. it still works. Angels believe in us.

The other way is to scroll down to the bottom of this page and follow the link through to the Michael Invocation and use it to clear yourself, and then your home, so that everything is settled. If your dad is visiting, as a spirit and not a ghost, then he’ll still visit .. but I would expect a photo of him to move, or something that he gave you .. not a knife, and not to have him try and frighten you.

Love & Peace

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