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I Saw A Woman Kneeling By My Bed Who Is She?

I woke up to bad weather this morning only to see a woman kneeling near my bed by my stomach area.

I closed my eyes and reopened but she never looked at me and then disappeared.

All I saw was her chest up look to be wearing a white top and she had long medium to long black or dark colored hair.

What do you suppose she was here for?

Asked by Joyce

One reply on “I Saw A Woman Kneeling By My Bed Who Is She?”

Hello Joyce,

Was she praying? Could she have been a novice nun? She might not have been aware of where she was, or whose bedroom she was visiting. I wouldn’t worry about the visit unless something scarier happens, or she keeps reappearing. She might have just thought it was nighttime and she was saying her prayers before going to bed.

Love & Peace