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I Remember The Moment I Woke Up To Life

What happened to me?

I’m 23 years old now, soon turning 24 and I remember a very distinct moment in my life. I tried researching this and nothing shows up, as if no one experienced the same thing I did?

When I was 4 years old, I remember exactly the moment I felt like I woke up. Not the sense of waking up from bed, but waking up and being alive. I remember right before I ‘woke’ up I was looking down at myself and saw my skeleton. Waking right after I saw my skeleton I kind of knew the names of my mom and my sister, but I wasn’t really sure how or why I knew there names. Like a reflex memory or something, anyway I just wanted to know what happened?

I have no memories prior to that day, and it wasn’t a gradual awakening, it felt like I was taking over this body and it’s a question that has been on my mind for 20 years with no answers.

Asked by Amy

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Hello Amy,

The words ‘taken over’ could be a clue to what you experienced.

My father had a number of spirits walk-in .. or through .. his body as I was growing up. He had deep depression and was given shock treatment, which did something .. in a sense you could say it killed him, although it didn’t actually do that, over 40 years ago .. but the man who went to sleep before the experience, was not the man who woke up and eventually came home to our family. He didn’t know who he was for a while, but tried to be who everyone said he was .. and then that man left and another walked-in .. and a few times more, until my ‘father’ finally returned just before his body died, 20 years ago. I remember the first one most intensely because I was only nine, and the man who came home from the hospital parted his hair differently, ate different foods, had a different voice, and wasn’t my father .. that was an energy thing. I told my mother LOUDLY “he isn’t my father”. I was sensitive to energy even then .. but no one could explain to us who the strangers were, we just tried to live with it. And when my father finally came back, I knew …

So at the age of four years, perhaps the spirit that inhabited your body released from it and allowed your spirit to move in and take it over for as long as you are going to, which is generally the rest of the body’s life. That might explain the muddled feeling over your mother and sister’s names. And, as a spirit, looking at a body, you might well see the skeleton – these bodies are really just illusions we create to carry the vessel of our spirit in our physical existence. The angels say we actually look like rainbows to them.

You are yourself, even if you did arrive a little later than usual. The body is yours. It is often easier to do this as a young person – knowing, as I do, a number of ‘walk-ins’ these days. Once I understood the concept of walkins, many years after my father died, I got to explain it to a few people who visited my healing centre, looking for answers to why they felt so strange in this ‘new’ body.

Be happy,
Love & Peace