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Sinks Off – Turn Around – Sinks On

Alright so, about 5-6 weeks ago, I was on my way home from a location about 3 hours away.

On my way back, I stopped off at three places.

1) A gas station (half way through the trip), I walked in and straight to the urinal and did my business. Afterwards, I walked to the sink and the faucet was on. I’m thinking to myself “What an ass, who does that?”

2) A fast food restaurant (two-thirds through trip), walked in and went to the urinal, Came away and went to wash my hands, the faucet was on. Again.

3) A grocery store, (finally back in town), had to go again, couldn’t really wait. Went to the restroom, single person room. This time, the faucet was on when I entered.

To be clear, at the first two locations, I do not recall the sink being on. There also wasn’t anyone coming in or out of the restrooms.

Fast-forward a couple of days, I’m at home. I go use the bathroom and go back to my room. The bathroom is connected to my room. This time I heard it running (though I don’t recall it turning on), so I opened the door – faucet on. How? How likely is it that three public spaces and my own home, the same thing has been experienced? All bathrooms, all sinks.

I told my lady about this a few weeks ago.

Yesterday I went over to her house. At one point she and I walked back to her room, passing the bathroom (no faucet sound to my recollection). We shared some dialogue, and began walking down the hallway back to the living room. You can only imagine my surprise when I heard streaming water. So I pushed the half-closed bathroom door all the way open, popped on the light. Sure enough, the faucet is running. I looked at her, she looked at me, both with accusing eyes, but we shared the same goosebumps.

I’ve done a bit of research and I’ve found nothing.

Could this be just an incredibly odd coincidence? Could it hold significance? Is there any symbology around it?

Other than sinks, I cannot think of any other odd characteristics. No sounds, no movements, no dreams, just those damned sinks.

I’m not being driven towards any negative thoughts about it, I’m just genuinely curious. I wonder if there’s any perspective out there other than what one might ordinarily consider another’s lack of observation.



P.S. Sorry for any errors in the story, I simply copied it from what I had sent a couple of friends and pasted it

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