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I Noticed a Hand Print On My Husband’s Back

Hello my name is Dionna. One morning I was talking to my husband and noticed he had a perfect print of a hand on his back. He didn’t notice anything off and was not in pain. So we was wondering what it may be?

He thought it may have been is mother. Because it was small like her hand. She has past but he did say that he had a dream about his grandmother the night before.

We just want some answers really.

Asked by Dionna

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Hi Dionna,

I know its your mother. It was real, no doubt.

So youre not crazy or going insane. Have faith. She just might be asking for help because her world became dark on her. I know it might sound rough, but ghosts dont have an understanding anymore about the Light when they cant feel the sunlight on their skin anymore and the Love and Peace of Heaven is an eternity away….but the miracle here, is the only truth- Everyone deserves a second chance.

So call these second chances your blessing. Your miraculous gift to cross over ghosts. I believe you are being given the opportunity to help your husband cross over his grandmother into Heaven.

Try this: Wrap about the home and each other a white light shield, just a bubble of any favorite color is fine.

Then follow your heart. She will find her path home.

In my mind I saw you give her a yellow flower-the flower of truth.

And she found her way home.