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I May Be Some Kind Of Witch Or Something?

This is going to sound insane but sometimes I will get visions of the future but just small 2-3 second clips of something very specific but very insignificant.

Also I have a fondness to fire and there’s some other weird things I can do.

Sometimes I can just say something and it will happen within 5 minutes and I have a lot of weird dream things.

I have dreams that are so long and so vivid its just like real life but im someone else and its the same person every time. I’m a boy I don’t know his name its either Timmy or Tommy I think he’s an orphan and I live about a week of his life every night. I dream of him and I dream of it about once a week and it starts off where it left off before.

There are other things I can do that are very unusual and I don’t know whats going on someone please help.

Asked by Landon

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Hi Landon,

You’re only a witch if you say you are a witch and do witch things (like witchcraft maybe). Just because you have interesting dreams, visions of your future, and an interest in fire doesn’t make you a witch. It sounds more like you were a male witch in your past life (wizard? i don’t know the correct term) and now whatever gifts you got back then or were trying to get have developed now which is why they are appearing now, as a sign to help you remember you past life. It’s totally ok and normal,all of it. I have visions and dreams of my future nonstop with the dejavu nonstop to the point I am pretty numb to it 🙂 It’s intense.

Write down your dreams in a journal in full detail every time you wake up. It might be useful. It also helps develop your gift.

Hi Landon,

Please tell me what else you do that is unusual? Many people are born with psychic gifts. They are normal to us, but for those who don’t have them, we can often seem very odd, or even scary.

A fascination with fire .. my friends and I love fire. We call ourselves pyromaniacs, but we don’t go around setting things on fire for fun, which is a mental illness. Given an opportunity, we will watch the fire dance, and look at the odd entities that appear within it, and leap from it, and play with sticks and rearrange the fire to keep it burning. I see ghosts, spirits, demons, angels, fairies (and other beings from the elemental world (nature)), and count that as normal for me .. I’ve always done it. I used to have constant visions in my head, in sleep and while awake. I am sure I watched the entire Greek and Macedonian war over weeks and weeks, every single time I closed my eyes, including blinking. I know it was them because I checked out their helmets on the internet just to confirm it.

Unusual is usual in my household.

Love & Peace