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A Dream Or Is This Really Happening?

A few nights ago I woke up around 2:30 ish AM, at the time I was half asleep, I knew I was awake but I was being pulled back alseep at the same time. I then got this tap on the bottom of my foot, as if someone tapped me, I then got this almost pressure like feeling on my back. I immediately thought “holy shit! I need to get to my parents room.” But because I was half asleep I kept on ‘dreaming’ that I was running to my parents room multiple times, and each time was different, either I was being held down and I couldn’t more or my parents were not there.

Things were happening previously in my house, like tapping in the attic or footsteps all over the house, sometimes I would hear a whisper like noise around me but I didn’t think much of it.

After what has happened a few nights ago I have been scared to sleep or even be alone, because I am scared something like that will happen again. I think after that night things have gotten worse, in the sense of it being more present.

I have been feeling very cautious around the house and when I would walk past rooms I would swear to see a figure, but I would brush it off so I wouldn’t scare myself.

I would really love advice and help, thank you.

Asked by Gabrielle

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