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I Jokingly Tried To Communicate With Spirits

Hi I have a serious problem. A few months ago I did something stupid. I jokingly tried to communicate with the spirits. Worse than this, I wanted to have a devil’s deal. But just for a laugh and fun my friends, I did not seriously.

Since then I got sort of a sense of severe electric shock. As if someone was passing from my body. In the dream I see a black shadow that tries to hurt my family. I was scared to death.

I really feel it might have been a horrible accident. I Need Help Please.

Is this something that happened to me in my stupid job related?

Asked by nasim

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number one the reason you most likely did this was because you did not believe that any thing would happen. Number two have seen any thing that you can not explain? Playing with things like this is not smart and you were right when you said you did some thing stupid. Number three I would start by using this page This will help you and never ever do some thing like this again I hope that you have learn your lesson well on this.

Nasim, the thing that puzzles me is why any person would want to make a deal with an entity they cannot see, that generally torments the living and is well known for its hatred of humanity? What do they seek to gain? If you study the history of demonic agreements, you will find, in the majority of cases, the victim ends up unable to free themselves from their bondage .. an agreement made by choice is far harder to break than one made under duress, but even that is a challenge.

So far you have mentioned a nightmare – were there more? When did the ‘something’ pass through your body, and has it happened since? Did you sign anything – particularly in blood?

In the meantime, if you have not done so already, follow the link Queenicess gave you and use the Michael Invocation to clear your energy, and get your friends to do it too .. and don’t do this again, please.

Love & Peace

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