Bad Smelling Entity

Are horrible smelling entities regular spirits or the “D” word? Please help, I’m being terrorized by SOMETHING that feels negative! Horrific nightmares, scratches, nausea and fevers follow visits from the smell. I’ve armed myself with my rosary, holy water, prayers and even bought several Himalayan salt lamps.

Two nights ago it came in with a vengeance and as I was going through my ritual of flinging holy water and prayer this thing HOWLED!! I’m terrified!! I recently purchased white sage, the proper shell and feather to smudge my home (130yrs old), but I’m afraid of making things worse with my inexperience. The negativity in my usually peaceful, loving home and family is really taking it’s toll.

My husband, who recently verbally “told this thing off” is now being plagued with horrific, being drug to the depths of hell nightmares too, ones that I have a hard time waking him from, he was SCREAMING in his sleep and he was hard as a rock and stiff, needless to say, he believes me now!! I have so much more to tell you, but I’ll stop rambling for now as this is getting longer than just a question, for that, I apologize.

PLEASE HELP US, this is getting out of hand and also, let me just add this, that we were very interested in the paranormal at one time, going on ghost tours in the different cities we visited, going to cemeteries to take pictures etc… NEVER anything in our home, never a Ouija board, never palm readings etc….we collect antiques to fill this beautiful old house, but I didn’t recognize the smell as an entity right away so I can’t associate it with any particular item or life event. I initially thought the smell was something organic and I would find where and what it was, but now I KNOW it’s something else, please help!

Asked by Rebecca

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Hello Rebecca,

You and I had a chat via facebook yesterday. I have smelled some horrible smelling ghosts, but thankfully, not very often. I have a friend whose psychic gifts including smelling ghosts, and have seen her go green in various Spirit Rescue circles we were part of over the years. I am grateful I don’t have that gift. You don’t mention the classic smell for demons .. and the nasty dreams could actually be the fear of hell that the ghost is suffering. The howling, could be human or not ..

You’ll get back to me in a short while to tell me if things have settled in your home. All being well, which they usually are after a house clearing, things will have settled down .. by the Grace of God (by whatever name we both know it).

Love & Peace

Thank you so very much for all your help via Facebook and remote cleansing! We are on our third night since we spoke on Facebook and hopefully tonight will be as peaceful as the past two!
I continue to use the Michael invocation and the shield of protection with rainbows on a daily basis, or whenever it comes to mind during my day, and I can truthfully say things are feeling “lighter” for lack of a better word. I really can’t thank you enough, Ama!! You are a blessing from God!! Much love to you!! 💖