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I Dreamed Of A Boy Giving Me Money Yesterday

Last night I had a very strange dream. In the dream, I met a boy and perhaps a little girl in a very well decorated room. They were there alone and I started playing with them. The boy seemed to be pleased. Suddenly, I was in my house, went to the door when I heard the door bell. The boy was there giving me a lot of money, I was astonished and he nodded ….. My dream ended there.

That boy was so beautiful, almost like an angel that makes me so confused ….

Asked by Bui

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One reply on “I Dreamed Of A Boy Giving Me Money Yesterday”

Hello Bui,

A dream about giving and receiving. You extended yourself outside your comfort zone (went out of your home/body) and did something good for someone and in return was given something you value in exchange. I have to wonder if you were astral travelling, which is a subject you can easily research on the internet. Or perhaps you were reminding yourself, in your dream, that good things happen to good people, if we are willing to allow ourselves to help others.

As to whether the boy you saw was an angel or not, its possible. Remember to say thank you. They are always there to help.

Love & Peace