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How Do I Learn About The Paranormal To Help Others?

What is the best way to learn about the paranormal in order to help others?

I recently found this site and have been intrigued by all of the things that I never could explain until finding this, and it led me to wonder how people learn all of this because I have many friends who keep struggling with paranormal and spiritual problems like ones discussed on this website.

I really wanted to know what is the best way that people have found to learn about the paranormal enough to be able to help my all of my friends? Thank you for your time.

Asked by Zephan

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Hi Zephan,

I am a teacher of Metaphysics, the Paranormal being part of what I have studied over the last 35+ years. I have had experiences with angels, spirits, ghosts, demons and elementals since I was a tiny child. I grew up a sceptic who questions everything, and everyone, often asking the awkward questions of people who should know the answers, and found they didn’t.

How did I learn? From personal experience; from reading, which has not been limited to the paranormal, but has also delved into subjects such as archeology, mythology, theology, a lot of new age nonsense, history and demonology, because I am demonologist, for the most part now retired from that part of the work; and from conversations with other people in my field, and the Michael angels, who are a gift from God. I was also born with certain gifts, such as clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognisance, clairaudience .. and a few other clairs .. all of which have been used to good purpose, with a huge dose of commonsense. During my learning certain tools were developed that generally help people with paranormal problems, such as the Michael Invocation, in various forms.

It might be better if you suggest to your friends to contact me through this site, to see if I can help them with their problems .. or take the advice already written all over the site, and use it for their own good. I am always happy to discuss the various subjects we cover here, which is sometimes outside of the realm of the paranormal, but good conversation can be fun and interesting. In the meantime, start your study so that you can help the next generation of people, many being born now, because you’ll probably have the knowledge and experience by then, which cannot be grasped in a moment.

What is it you want to learn?

Love & Peace

If anyone can give you answers to the questions you seek or teach you about the Paranormal, it’s Ama! I learned about my own abilities and came about doing my first Spirit Rescue through her!!! 🙂 Luna Terra

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